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Tune-In Tuesdays #35: It All Comes Together by KEEF

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By: burgundy bug

“It All Comes Together” by KEEF cover

Source: Keef – It All Comes Together

KEEF wows us again with his latest single, “It All Comes Together.” Brimming with psychedelic rock influences, the track is brought together by the awestriking visuals throughout the music video.

A Bit of Context…

KEEF is a United Kingdom based musician who made his debut in April with the single, “Only Human” to raise awareness and shed light on homelessness in the UK. The artist also donated all proceeds from the song to the White Chapel Charity to lend a helping hand to the cause.

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Source: The Burgundy Zine

Two weeks ago, he released his latest single, “It All Comes Together.”

It All Comes Together by KEEF

Music video for “It All Comes Together” by KEEF

Source: KEEF – It All Comes Together | KEEF

The listener is introduced to “It All Comes Together” through warm, classic-psychadelic rock guitars and kicks off with the nihilistic question, “Is this all that we have to live for?”

In the face of life’s futile pursuits, KEEF assures that everything will come together – and at the end of the day, we largely determine our own fate.

The track intertwines the guitars with backing vocals, dreamy drums, and somewhat spacey sound FX that compliment the message throughout the lyrics.

“It All Comes Together” is beautifully reassuring and further highlighted by the stunning visuals throughout the music video. Even the scream that KEEF lets out towards the end of the song is symbolic of life’s ups and downs and truly embodies the passion in his sentiment.

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