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Tune-In Tuesdays #37: Neptune by Cascadent

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By: burgundy bug

Neptune by Cascadent cover

Source: Neptune | Cascadent

Cascadent just dropped their latest single, “Neptune,” which will rock you out of orbit.

A Bit of Context…

“The perfect storm of intricate guitar melodies, hard-hitting rhythm, and catchy melodies, presented by Cascadent are complemented by their pulse-pounding kinetic live performance.”

“Neptune” Press Release

Based out of Atlanta, Ga, Cascadent is a five piece alt-rock band that began playing together under another alias in 2016, according to their press release.

After rebranding themselves, the band made their debut with the song “Aces Over Kings” in 2017.

“Their lyrics are charming, but not without substance, and range from being intimate and personal to songs that address topics like astral projection and the impact of living in a digital age.”

“Neptune” Press Release

Neptune by Cascadent

Like a bolt of lightning striking you sonically, “Neptune” kicks off super-charged with intense, time defying guitars and heavy, rhythmic drums.

The guitars blend seamlessly with the drums as they taper down and let the percussion build the rest of the anticipation towards the vocals of the track.

Throughout the entirety of “Neptune,” the vocalist carries the song beautifully with his impressive vocal range and the support of the out of this world instrumentals.

As a whole, Cascadent’s latest single is brimming with a style similar to that of Pierce the Veil’s “Selfish Machines” album or Sleeping with Sirens older works.

“Neptune” is a refreshing spin on the alt-rock and leaves the listener hopeful for a revival of the genre through talented bands like Cascadent drawing in a new wave of rockers.

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