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Tune-In Tuesdays #38 BONUS: I Know by Becky Crosby

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By: burgundy bug

“I Know” by Becky Crosby cover

Source: Becky Crosby | Spotify

Poppy with a punk flair, Becky Crosby’s brand new single, “I Know,” is here to help you dance through a heart that’s slowly breaking.

A Bit of Context…

“Becky Crosby is a 19 year old singer songwriter from the New York City area. She got her start at 9 years old performing with her music school all around the east coast.”

Becky Crosby | Spotify

At 14 years old, Crosby continued to refine her skills as a singer by attending a performing arts high school that specialized in classical vocal training, according to her Spotify bio.

“[Classical music] also opened a lot of doors for me,” Crosby said during our interview on Sunday. “I played at Carnegie Hall and I did all sorts of stuff that I probably wouldn’t have done if I had just stuck with the rock music.”

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The Burgundy Zine

Crosby also said that her training as a classical vocalist strengthened her songwriting skills.

“I can do a lot vocally that I couldn’t have before my training,” she added.

I Know by Becky Crosby

With a clap and the smooth strum of a guitar, Crosby’s vocals roll seamlessly into the pop-rock anthem, “I Know.”

Her lyrics are honest and unfeigned as she expresses her annoyance and disgust with the subject of the song – and yet, the track remains bright and uplifting instrumentally. It shows that she has grown from the situation and continues to rise above the circumstance.

Crosby’s abilities as a lyricist are as intense and powerful as her talent as a vocalist. During the final loop of the refrain, her backing vocals provide support to the song through impeccably beautiful harmonies.

Whether your heart’s aching and you’re looking for the perfect song to rise a big middle finger to your ex with or simply looking for an infectious tune, Crosby’s “I Know” is your go to.

Give Becky Crosby’s latest single “I Know” a listen on Spotify and Apple Music! Be sure to give her a follow on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with her latest shows and performances, as well.

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