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Tune-In Tuesdays #54: From UK to LA with Karima Francis

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By: burgundy bug

Portrait of Karima Francis sporting a red and black top.

Source: Karima Francis

UK-raised and LA-based indie artist Karima Francis touches her listeners with her heartfelt, organic sound, which is further highlighted by her moving lyricism.

Following the release of her single, “Shelf Life,” which details the homelessness crisis in Los Angeles, Calif. we reached out to Francis via email to learn more about her years of performing, her music, and her goals for 2020.

What were your first experiences in the music industry like?

Completely overwhelming and exciting. I was only a kid and my life consisted of lots of traveling, playing big shows. It was the best time of my life. 

Who have been your biggest songwriting inspirations over the years?

My biggest songwriting inspirations…. There’s been quite a lot!

I grew up listening to Dylan and Tim Buckley, Van Morrison.

More recently, it’s been artists and bands such as The National, Sharon Van Etten, Adam Granducial, and Jeff Tweedy. 

What were some of the biggest transitions when moving from London to Los Angeles? Is California anything like you had imagined it’d be?

Being in LA is more spacious, people are way more positive there – even if it’s a little fake sometimes, ha!

I just feel more alive out here. Also, the musicians and music out there – especially on the indie-folk scene – is just mind-blowing. 

Karima Francis

Do you ever get homesick? If so, what do you miss most about London?

No, not homesick anymore. I probably will after a while, but I’ve been in the United Kingdom all my life so I’m not feeling homesick at all, as of yet! 

Could you give us a behind the scenes glimpse of your songwriting and producing process for your single “Shelf Life?”

“Shelf Life” is a song I wrote in LA one morning on the way to a studio. I wrote the lyrics in the car and finished the sing at the studio I was heading to that morning.

I recorded it with my producer Tim Carr, who I have been a big fan of for a while.  

As “Shelf Life” captures the homelessness crisis in Los Angeles, how can our readers become more proactive about helping those in need in their home city?

People can look up who their local charity or organization is and reach out to ask if they can volunteer, donate clothing, money.

Just being aware these people are there and maybe just smiling and saying hello to someone. 

Karima Francis

Has writing “Shelf Life” inspired you to get more involved in helping the community in Los Angeles? If so, how have you found yourself becoming more involved?

I have offered my help to multiple organizations including: California Community Foundation,The LA Mission, A Community of Friends, but unfortunately, I’ve not had any response from any of the associations I contacted.

Also, I’ve reached out to a cool youtube page called Invisible People which is a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating the public about homelessness. I have presented the idea of using my track or video for anything they want to.

Check out their website and the stories they share

How do you hope to impact your listeners through your music?

I would be happy for people to stop, listen, and feel my music as opposed to just having it on as background music. You know, just being a filler. That would be awful. 

What’s next for you, Karima? Are you currently working on any new music or do you have any shows scheduled?

Yes! I am currently working on the release of my second single, which is due to come out in March.

Just before Christmas, I went out to Vegas to film the music video for the track. I’ve been seeing some of the clips from the shoot and I’m blown away by the footage that I’ve seen, can’t wait to share it with the world! 

What are your goals for 2020?

Get out on the road and tour, with a band. Record and release a new record. Do more good for others and get in shape, ha! 

Give “Shelf Life” a listen on Spotify now.
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