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Tune-In Tuesdays #55 BONUS: “Mad” by Izzy Thomas

By: burgundy bug

“Mad” by Izzy Thomas cover

Source: Mad | Izzy Thomas

Driven by strong, sultry vocals and a steady beat, London-based alt-pop singer Izzy Thomas will leave you awestruck by her latest single, “Mad.”

A Bit of Context…

“As a young girl, Thomas was inspired by the records of Queen and Michael Jackson, singing and playing guitar to their music,” says a press release for ‘Mad.’

To this day, the influence of such powerful pop and rock ‘n roll icons remains apparent in her robust, versatile sound. Thomas doesn’t confine herself to one genre, rather she blurs the lines between different styles to create a vibe that’s truly unique to her.

Thomas is also an avid advocate for Autism awareness due to her own experiences with a family member who has Autism.

“[Thomas] performs in schools and colleges around the United Kingdom to young adults talking about what it is, how to recognize it and how we can all be compassionate towards people with Autism,” the press release adds.

“It feels great to use the power of my music to help get a message across.”

Izzy Thomas

Mad by Izzy Thomas

“Mad” begins with the stinging pace of a lustful, slow-burning vintage pop track but has a modern spin. The steady, clap-beat serves as the foundation behind Thomas’ rich, emotive vocals.

The singer takes her time building to the climax of the song, in which she belts out how she truly feels about the unrequited love at the center of “Mad.”

“Oh I’m mad,
Woah, I’m mad,
You’re so full of shit,
‘Cause you won’t admit,
That you want me.”

“Mad” by Izzy Thomas

Thomas’ ’80s influence is truly apparent during the roar of expression at the bridge of the song, which is a beautiful release of the singer’s built-up frustration.

Her vocal control and range is brilliantly showcased during the last refrain, intertwining vibrato like there’s no tomorrow into the track.

However, Thomas’ pulls the entire single together by the end, singing the refrain in a more delicate, vulnerable tone that pulls at your heartstrings.

Whether you’re lovelorn or simply feeling torn by a crush who’s playing cat-and-mouse, “Mad” is the perfect sing-along track for you.

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