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Tune-In Tuesdays #58 BONUS: SICKY/STICKY by JANOS

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By: burgundy bug



London-based alt-pop singer JANOS just released “SICKY/STICKY,” a soulful track brimming with a contagious groove and deeply personal message.

A Bit of Context…

JANOS leans left over a wired fence in his bright, mustard yellow overalls

Source: JANOS

“From fragile, heartfelt ballads to funky upbeat anthems, JANOS tells a story relating to the highs and lows of our generation.”

“SICKY/STICKY” Press Release

“After years of performing with other bands, the Swedish artist finally took the leap to go it alone, setting him free to create the music that is true to who he is,” says the press release for “SICKY/STICKY.” “With the desire to mix organic sounds with elements of R&B, pop and rock, JANOS was able to create an entirely unique sound.”

JANOS draws inspiration from artists like Daft Punk, Bruno Mars, and Anderson Paak to really hone in on the vibrant, anthemic nature of his music, the press release adds.

With the recent discovery of his passion for jazz and soul, JANOS has kicked off 2020 with the release of two new singles that truly showcase his talent as a musician on a whole new level: “Sweet 16” and “SICKY/STICKY.”


Warm, colorful, and smooth, “SICKY/STICKY” begins with a chill guitar riff before incorporating a blend of horns and soulful vocals.

During the intro, you can truly appreciate JANOS’ abilities as a vocalist with his mesmerizing range and vocal control. The way he bends his voice around the lyrics throughout the song truly wraps the listener in a sonic cocoon of heartfelt funk.

Although “SICKY/STICKY” is an upbeat track that you can’t help but dance to, the lyrics are deep, personal, and relatable.

“‘SICKY/STICKY’ narrates trying to hide from your worries with drugs and alcohol, while still hoping it’s not too late to reach your dreams,” the press release explains.

Overall, JANOS’ latest single is infectious, bright, and personable. It’s uplifting yet grounded by the weight of its lyrics.

Without a doubt, “SICKY/STICKY” is worth checking out. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself adding it to your playlist within the first few seconds of the intro, like we did.

Give “SICKY/STICKY” a listen on Spotify!
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