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Tune-In Tuesdays #58: Marlounsly on the Flavor Behind Berry

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By: burgundy bug

Marlounsly leisurely rests her elbow on the couch in a colorful, ’70s inspired outfit

Source: Marlounsly | Instagram

Florida-based singer-songwriter Marlounsly has been making waves in her home city of West Palm Beach ever since the release of her first single, “Therapeutic” in 2016.

Now, she’s back and more melodic than ever with her Valentine’s Day single, “Berry,” a fresh R&B track brimming with flavor.

Recently, we spoke to Marlounsly via telephone to learn more about “Berry” and her big plans for 2020.

Tell us a little about yourself and your music

I’m Marlounsly and I initially started this in 2016. I was always really good at poetry and I took chorus classes in high school, but even in chorus I never really took it seriously – I was just there for my friends.

Eventually, all my friends would be like, ‘Hey, you’re really good at poetry and we always hear you hum, you should take this to the next level.’

One day, I tuned-in to a studio session my friend was at and I became inspired. I had all these written notes and ideas in my phone, so I wrote my first song “Therapeutic” in 2016.

Then it started taking off in ways that I didn’t even expect it to.

On your website, it says that you moved from Haiti to West Palm Beach, Fla. when you were four years old and you learned English by memorizing songs on the radio. What were some of your favorite songs to sing as a kid?

I really loved Alicia Keys’ “Fallen.” That was a hit by her.

Usher, Jennifer Lopez, Destiny’s Child – I was obsessed with Destiny’s Child – Beyoncé, Mariah Carey. Pretty much all of those hit makers from the early 2000s.

I grew up just inspired by all of those people and I was always looking up their videos on YouTube and whatnot.

Who Are Some of Your Biggest Inspirations Now?

I would say Jhene Aiko, she’s like a nice, modern R&B [artist], but she still has that soulfulness in her voice.

Drake because he’s super versatile from rap to singing, to sing-rapping in his songs.

Megan Thee Stallion, Summer Walker. I’m kinda going all over the place with the artists, as in rappers and singers. They’re all really dope artists in their own way, but definitely influence me with either their stage presence, their music, or even their personality.

I really love Megan Thee Stallion’s personality and just seeing the way she performs. As a singer, I can reduce some of those tactics and some of that confidence when I do my own performances.

What encouraged you to begin releasing your own music? When did you realize it was finally time?

When I first wrote that song in 2016, I was writing it in my math class.

I remember I was sitting in math class and I wasn’t really paying attention. I knew that my friends had been encouraging me to write a song, so when I finally wrote [“Therapeutic“], I set up my first studio session.

I already had all the connects, so when I went into the studio I killed the song on the first take. I got so much great feedback, but I didn’t know anything about SoundCloud, Apple Music, or Twitter marketing, any of that stuff.

So I posted the song on Twitter like, ‘Hey guys, I just dropped my first song.’ And then everyone was like, ‘Woah, this is fire. When is the next one coming out?’

I was like, ‘Whaaaaat!’ I made a SoundCloud that same week and I didn’t even pick a cover art, I just posted the song.

Then, I started getting bigger people who were in the music industry hitting me up saying, ‘Hey, your song is really dope but you don’t have a cover art. Who’s representing you?’

I did not think it was gonna go down like that. I was having fun in the studio. My friends said it was a good song, but I didn’t really believe them – I thought they were just being my friends.


From there, I was like, ‘This is kinda lit. I could get used to this.’ And I kept writing. I took advice from others, the good criticism, and I kept going.

Recently, you released your dreamy, melodic, flavorful single “Berry.” As the artist behind the track, what does the song mean to you?

I wrote it in October and I was just freestyling it. I thought, ‘This would be the perfect way to start 2020 on a Valentine’s Day vibe.’

Berry” is just about that love and connecting intimately with your significant other. It was described in such an elegant way to make it more suitable for everyone to enjoy – not like, too crazy provocative, but you know what I’m talking about.

I wanted it to just be graceful and sexy at the same time. I used a lot of sounds, tastes, colors, every feeling.

I tried to incorporate lots of color, lots of references to tastes and sweetness just to take you there.

All my friends say when they listen to “Berry” they can almost taste it.


They can almost smell it [chuckles].

That’s what I like to do – I’m a poet. It’s not just about presenting good vocals, but being able to read it on paper and [have it] look like an actual poem.

What was your favorite part of shooting the music video for “Berry?”

“Berry” by Marlounsly music video

Source: Marlounsly – Berry (Official Music Video) | Marlounsly

I have several favorite parts! My favorite was picking the outfit because I style myself for all my videos. Picking the outfit, picking the location, making it feel like “Berry.”

I was really thinking and reminiscing like, what screams “Berry?”

I got dressed in this red, cheetah [print] with bright colors. We shot it in this building that was nice, yellow, and peachy.

Creating the whole idea behind it is my favorite part. When it goes perfectly and I see the final edit, I’m super happy that I was able to co-direct it.


That’s my favorite part of shooting all my videos because I love to put things together. I love co-directing my own stuff.

So when I have a vision, I just love seeing it happen.

In 2018, you performed at “Miami’s Best Life Music Festival.” How would you describe the vibe of performing at a festival?

The vibe was insane! That’s the best word for it.

I had no idea what to expect because it was my very first time at a major festival, but to be honest, I wasn’t nervous.

The story behind the entire reason why I performed was [due to] a contest that 1AM Radio was having to pick the final slot for a performer. I had gotten my entire city to vote for me.

There were other R&B artists in the running as well, but I had gotten my entire city to show me the love and they blew up the comment section.

At first, I was nervous when I finally got the call at home. Once I got there, I don’t know. You’d think I’d be more nervous, but I was just excited to go out.

It was amazing. I wasn’t nervous – honestly, I’m more nervous performing for smaller crowds than bigger crowds.

What is your favorite part of performing live?

It’s the connection portion. I really, really, really good performance is almost spiritual, in a way. The audience can feel if you’re there, or if you’re just singing.

So my favorite part of performing is just connecting with the audience and feeling like they’re feeling me like I’m feeling them, if that makes sense.

All performers have had performances where maybe it was the wrong crowd or you weren’t connecting, but every time I’m able to perform and connect with the crowd, that’s my favorite part.

Do you have any upcoming shows or performances?

My manager is trying to put together a little South Florida tour so I’m not speaking too much on it, but I have many performances coming in the Miami area, some in Tampa, Jacksonville.

I haven’t announced anything like that yet, but it’s definitely something we’re working on right now.

How do you hope to impact your listeners?

I just hope they can get some sort of a good message, if not to just be themselves. I’m able to relate to my audience with my experiences and there are some things that some people may not want to admit they’re feeling, but then they hear my song and they’re like, ‘Oh my God, she goes through that too.’

Music is very therapeutic, it’s very healing. If I’m able to put myself in someone else’s shoes and speak the words you might be too shy to say, then I’m impacting and that’s healing – and that’s music.

What are your overall goals, both musically and personally?

Personally, my goal is to keep growing. One day, I want to do something really special for the world.

I don’t know what it is yet, but I feel it’s going to be laid on my heart as soon as it’s the right place with more connections to do it.

I want to be able to give back to my community, children and people in need.

I just feel like I’m meant to serve the world in a good way – to give the world something that it’s missing.


I’m very compassionate, not only with the music, but overall I’m a very sweet person. If I wasn’t doing music and I was to find a career in something else, I would thrive at it because I have a heart for hospitality and philanthropists.

I don’t know what it is yet, but I’m going to do something very amazing for somebody.

What else is next for you, Marlounsly? Are you currently working on any music, perhaps another album or EP?

Oh yes. I’m working on a project right now called “Dreamboat.”

Last year, I released a single called “Dreamboat,” dropped it on Twitter and everyone went crazy, they all loved it.

It was inspired by a trip I took to California last year in June, so since everyone liked it, I wanted to follow up with a project describing my trip to Cali, what happened in June, and try to get people to know me a bit more.

I definitely have a project coming up, I definitely have more visuals. The same videographer who did “Berry” also did “Dreamboat,” so I’m speaking to that same videographer. We have a great relationship.

Our next video idea is going to be craaazy, so that’s really what I’m excited for, the next video.

Give “Berry” a listen on Spotify and watch the music video on Youtube.
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