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Tune-In Tuesdays #64 BONUS: “Chameleon” by Seven Spies

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By: burgundy bug

“Chameleon” by Seven Spies cover

Source: Chameleon | Seven Spies

London-based artists Seven Spies’ new-track “Chameleon” is a colorful fusion of funk and rock-n-roll, accented by its gritty guitars and silky-smooth vocals.

A Bit of Context…

London-based musicians David Blomiley and Olly Brown

Source: Seven Spies

“Formed in London by childhood friends, Seven Spies are a three-piece band looking to infiltrate the ears of the world,” says the press release for “Chameleon.” “Consisting of David Blomiley (vocals, guitar, piano), Olly Brown (drums, backing vocals) and an ever-rotating bassist taking form of old band members and musical friends, you can expect to witness a healthy dose of melodic riffs and anthemic choruses.”

Seven Spies fuses inspiration from a variety of bands and artists, including Muse, Radiohead, Jeff Buckley, Bjork, and Billie Eilish, the press release adds.

“This amalgam of diverse artists and influences, allows Seven Spies to carve out a pocket of sound that is entirely their own.”

“Chameleon” by Seven Spies press release

“Chameleon” by Seven Spies

True to its title, “Chameleon” depicts the different faces and personas we put on to carry through in our daily lives.

“Chameleon” is alive with an electric-funk hybrid melody and reels you in with its intriguing lyrics. The vocals and instrumentals almost “tango” with one another, dancing in complete synchrony.

The transitions between the verses and the choruses have a certain magnetic pull, while the vocals are like the rising action that delivers the listener to the track’s sonic climax.

Overall, “Chameleon” is wildly unique with an almost nostalgic-feel to this modern take on rock-n-roll. It’s groovy, it’s electric, and it’s alluring. There’s an undeniably cool vibe to the song – like the musical equivalent to a leather jacket or a pair of sunglasses for your ears.

Whether you’re riding off into the sunset or kicking ass in your favorite video game, “Chameleon” is your new go-to badass soundtrack.

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