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Tune-In Tuesdays #75 BONUS: Moody EP by Lu$

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By: burgundy bug

“Moody” EP by Lu$ cover

Source: Moody | Lu$

Fierce and alluring, Florida-based singer-songwriter Lu$‘ debut EP “Moody” is alive with emotion and vibrant instrumentals.

A Bit of Context…

Lu$ strikes a pose in a stunning silver dress with matching stilettos

Source: Lu$

Lu$ is a Haitian-American artist whose passion for music awoke in her at an early age, according to the press release for “Moody.”

“Lu$’ love for writing music originated from elementary school when she was asked to write a song for her fifth grade teacher,” the press release explains. “She wrote a catchy, breathtaking song called ‘Fireflies’ that left her teachers crying tears of joy.”

Although her music gravitates towards pop and R&B influences, Lu$ is well-versed in other genres and forms of creative expression, too. The singer-songwriter has also been known to dabble in spoken word poetry and TV pilots.

With a few singles already under her belt, Lu$ is officially introducing herself with her EP, “Moody,” which showcases her dynamic style and storytelling strengths.

“Lu$ is ready for the world to know her name.”

“Moody” EP by Lu$ press release

Moody EP by Lu$ Review

“Moody” hits the ground running with its tantalizing first track, “Lie to Me.”

The instrumentals are intricately intertwined with Lu$ silky vocals that truly convey her frustration with the one who has wronged her.

Snares and sound FX dance around her vocals, adding sass, tension, and pacing to the track.

There’s a steady build-up to the chorus, which showcases Lu$ incredible abilities as a vocalist. Her belt left me shook. Yet, the power of the chorus blends so beautifully into “Lie to Me.”

The title track is unbelievably smooth. There’s no rigidity between verses, choruses, and the bridge. Each section just flows right into the next so fluidly.

Next up, we have “Needed,” which features another phenomenal Florida-based pop and R&B artist L’Suavo.

Immediately, the water samples and angelic strings transport you to a scenic getaway.

Lu$ soft, melodic delivery is a serene and introspective contrast to the previous track. Her high notes further complement the delicate tone throughout “Needed.”

L’Suavo’s verse adds another layer of depth to the track and their voices harmonize impeccably together in the chorus that follows.

As a whole, this track is soothing and reminiscent of waterfalls and butterflies. It’s just a gorgeous addition to this EP and the Lu$ L’Suavo combo is a real treat.

Then, the pace picks up again with “Selfish.”

This is a fearless, empowering, “hands in the air, don’t care, I’m feelin’ myself” track. This is the song you blast with your best friends before a night out or during a night in after declaring you’re over your ex.

“Selfish” is tropical, confident, and luscious. It shows Lu$’ evolution as she moves beyond the pain described in “Lie to Me.”

“Took me for granted,
Now you regret it,
Probably miss me,
That sucks for you,

Movin’ my waist to the sound of that beat,
Got no worries tonight,
Hands in the air, feel the energy,
No time I feel this high,
I’m being selfish.”

“Selfish” by Lu$

Good vibes and good night! “Selfish” is such a fun and anthemic song, it’s instantly catchy and irresistible to sing along to.

Last, but most certainly not least, the EP draws to a close with its title track, “Moody.”

The heavy piano tracks are tense and ripe with raw emotion. They’re the perfect introduction to the EP’s fiery finale.

Once again, Lu$ blows the listener away with her vocal range and control. These belts are off the HOOK. And don’t even get me started on those horns in the pre-chorus that lead up to such a captivating chorus.

Sonically, each element comes together to paint the picture of a love that’s dangling by its last thread. “Moody” is lyrically and musically charged through and through.

If I were the subject of “Moody,” I’d be completely knocked on my ass, to be honest. Lu$ does not spare a single emotion or hold her tongue in the slightest and it’s so incredibly refreshing.

Overall, Lu$ debut EP is bop after bop, banger after banger. It’s such a hype introduction to the artist, we truly can’t wait to hear what she releases next.

Lu$ certainly has us on our toes – and you owe it to yourself to toe-dip into her discography, too. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself diving in headfirst shortly after your initial taste of the “Moody” EP.

Give Lu$’ “Moody” EP a listen on Spotify now!
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