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Tune-In Tuesdays #82 BONUS: A Little Lie by Isabella Snow

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By: burgundy bug

“A Little Lie” by Isabella Snow

Source: A Little Lie | Isabella Snow

Chicago-based singer-songwriter Isabella Snow gracefully serenades listeners with her soothing, emotive single, “A Little Lie.”

A Bit of Context…

Isabella Snow rests her head atop a pile of tarot cards

Source: Isabella Snow

Drawing inspiration from jazz-icons including Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday, Snow began writing her own songs at 15-years-old, according to the press release for “A Little Lie.”

At 16, she began singing with a big band and won the judges for her outstanding vocals in Winton Marsalis’ Essentially Ellington competition with Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra.

“In 2014, she was a choral member of the World Premiere of Christopher Tin’s The Drop That Contained The Sea, making her Carnegie Hall debut at 18,” the press release says. “After college, she toured with an 80’s pop-rock cover band before deciding to nurture her original music career. Recently, she was selected as a finalist for The John Lennon American Songwriter Contest.”

Having studied musical theatre, jazz studies, and makeup/costume design at Elmhurst College, Snow blends her love for art and music to create candid songs that belt out straight from her heart.

“A Little Lie’ came about when I was caught in an emotionally, mentally, and occasionally physically abusive friendship back in high school,” Snow explains in the press release.

“It wasn’t until I learned to trust myself enough to own my personal power and had built up a support system of loving individuals to realize that I had the strength to leave and that I would be okay.”


A Little Lie by Isabella Snow

“A Little Lie” begins with soft and melodic acoustic guitar chords that are highlighted by gentle marimba accents.

Then Snow’s beautiful, moving vocals start. Through her impeccable vocal control, Snow keeps her powerful voice focused to fit the tempo of the song.

Her performance is incredibly candid and personable. It makes the beginning of the track feel as though you’re in the room, hearing her sing just for you.

Gradually, horns and drums are introduced to “A Little Lie.” They add so much character and depth to the single, the horns are truly such a great touch.

Simultaneously, Snow’s vocals begin to pick up, too… And WOW! Her vibrato and belt are downright mindblowing!

During the outro, the instruments begin to dieback and the track regrounds itself with its delicate, graceful roots.

The emotion in each lyric that Snow sings washes over you like the sea brushing against the shoreline at low tide. It’s enchanting, thoughtful, and goosebump-inducing.

Overall, “A Little Lie” is a little track with a lot of power. It showcases Snow’s talents as a vocalist and her love for jazz all at once. The single feels very much like a classic piece of the big-band swing era with a modern spin.

Whether you’re seeking reconciliation in song or the empowerment that encourages you to move on, “A Little Lie” is there for you to lean on for support.

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