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Tune-In Tuesdays #82 BONUS: Things You Wish by Today’s Children

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By: burgundy bug

“Things You Wish” by Today’s Children

Source: Things You Wish | Today’s Children

Psychedelic pop project Today’s Children bring on a beacon of positivity with their dreamy, 1960s-inspired debut single “Things You Wish.”

A Bit of Context…

“Today’s Children is the psychedelic pop project of the Nick Arger, a Chicago-area artist who first sprouted from his roots in the Urbana-Champaign DIY scene,” says the press release for ‘Things You Wish.’ “While the band started in the basements and living rooms of house parties, they soon spread out to bars, clubs, and, eventually, Chicago venues like The Subterranean.”

The debut single, “Things You Wish,” was written by multi-instrumentalist Arger during his time in college in 2017.

Although he was dealing with depression at the time, “Things You Wish” came to be after an inspiring conversation with Rick Sniegowski of the Chicago band Lime Forest.

“Arger recorded this single entirely on his iPhone using Garageband with two microphones, and he also played all of the instruments,” the press release says. “He recorded the guitar solo by plugging his Stratocaster into a Danelectro Honeytone practice amp and used the headphone output to amplify it through a speaker with an aux cord. He then used the iPhone microphone to record the speaker.”

Things You Wish by Today’s Children

The track begins with dancy pianos and bouncy guitars. In an instant, you’re uplifted by the sunny instrumentals.

The vocals on “Things You Wish” have a dream-like quality to them that echo 1960’s influences. It’s like the lovechild of The Zombies, The Beatles, and The Beach Boys.

The guitar drives the track while the drums give it heart. There are so many wondrous elements incorporated into “Things You Wish,” it’s astounding to think the single was entirely produced on an iPhone.

Later, the backing vocals are a harmonious addition that top off the single like a sweet, succulent, maraschino cherry.

Lyrically, “Things You Wish” is as inspiring as the instrumentals are. The words fit right into the era Today’s Children is channeling through their sound.

Overall, Today’s Children are off to a shining start with their debut single. “Things You Wish” is cheery delight that shines forth a much-needed light during these unprecedented times.

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