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Tune-In Tuesdays #83 BONUS: White City, Black World by Michael Damani

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By: burgundy bug

“White City, Black World” by Michael Damani

Source: White City, Black World | Michael Damani

Chicago-based musician Michael Damani honors the removal of the Christopher Columbus statue in Grant Park with his bluesy, rhythmic debut single “White City, Black World.”

A Bit of Context…

A black and white photograph of Chicago-based guitarist Michael Damani

Source: Michael Damani

“Michael is a prodigious guitar player who plays lead guitar in Wyatt Waddell’s band and also the legendary Original Chicago Blues All-Stars,” says the press release for ‘White City, Black World.’ “He’s been playing the guitar prodigiously for years — and even toured internationally as a blues player — but he’s an up-and-coming songwriter in his own right.”

After touring with talented musicians around the globe — from Paris to Brazil and all across the United States, Damani has kicked off a solo-career with his first single, “White City, Black World.”

“Using his fluency in the blues, Damani blends this language with the colors and textures of soul, R&B, and jazz to make an original statement in the midst of a larger national conversation.”


White City, Black World by Michael Damani

The soft, textured guitar immediately grazes your ears, radiating a calm, silky sound to your core that leaves your arms adorned in goose bumps.

All of the guitars on “White City, Black World” are layered so intricately. Their sound bares a sense of wisdom, mindfulness, and emotionality.

Damani’s chill flow is perched over the lax guitars, like a skipper butterfly resting on an echinacea flower.

A skipper butterfly sips nectar from an echinacea flower

Source: Skipper Butterflies 01 | Penelope Peru Photography

Both elements go together so fluidly, while the choir-esque backing vocals add yet another dimension to the track’s personality.

“The moral is never trust a cop,
The horror is they won’t ever stop,
They’ve come to take everything we’ve got,
White city, black world.”

– “White City, Black World” by Michael Damani

The lyricism speaks volumes in just a few lines each verse. Damani’s perspective is truly just as refreshing as the track’s instrumentation.

During the chorus, “White City, Black World” dials the funk up to 11 for a full-blown jazz-guitar breakdown. It’s vibrant, alive, and… Beautiful.

There’s no better word to describe Damani’s debut single other than beautiful. It’s such a captivating blend of jazz, blues, soul, and R&B elements, it’s quite unlike anything I’ve ever heard before — and I’ve listened to quite a bit of R&B myself, I mean, my 2020 hip-hop playlist is 20 hours and 16 minutes long and continues to grow each week.

I am downright in awe of Damani’s debut single and feel it’s an honor to have “White City, Black World” on my playlist. He has done a phenomenal job honoring a historic moment in history during a pivotal point of sociopolitical revolution.

I’m very, very eager to hear what Damani releases next.

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