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Tune-In Tuesdays #78 BONUS: Everafter by Broken Bones Matilda

By: burgundy bug

“Everafter” by Broken Bones Matilda

Source: Everafter | Broken Bones Matilda

Soft and soulful, London-based duo Broken Bones Matilda enchants listeners with their ethereal, 70s-inspired sound in their latest single, “Everafter.”

A Bit of Context…

“Hailing from Bath and now based in London, the duo have been described as Nick Cave meets Fleetwood Mac, oozing raspy lead vocals and soaring harmonies over well-crafted songs.”


The duo made a name for themselves playing at festivals including Glastonbury, Wilderness, CarFest N&S, Pub in the Park, and many other large events, explains the press release.

Broken Bones Matilda has continued wowing fans with live performances from home, most recently during their Virtual UK Craft Brewery Tour, where the two raised money for the #saveourvenues campaign.

Their discography is brimming with a soul-touching folk sound thought to be exclusive to the 70s, radiating a nostalgic, raw beauty that’s especially apparently on their latest track, “Everafter.”

Everafter by Broken Bones Matilda

“Everafter” begins with soft, rhythmic acoustic guitar that paves the way for the raspy, Stevie Nicks-esque vocals to shine.

The vocals are alluring, and emotive, their delicacy highlighted by their raspiness.

The reverb and sound fx throughout the track are hypnotizing and lull you into a dreamlike trance, if only for three minutes.

Lyrically, “Everafter” refers to a teen romance, the press release explains.

“Narrating young love and the feelings of insecurity and shyness you have when you like someone but don’t have the courage to ask them out, the song reminds us of those distant highschool memories and the voices inside that shout, ‘Hurry up or you’re gonna be too late!'” the press release adds.

The dream-like quality and graceful nature of the track deliver the story of “Everafter” perfectly. The single truly transports you to another time period.

Overall, “Everafter” is nothing short of stunning. The production on the track is incredible, the vocals are downright dazzling, and the lyrics are delightfully touching.

We highly recommend giving “Everafter” a listen for a trip back in time and we can’t wait to hear what the duo releases next.

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