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UFFFF… Exams Approaching by Mahik’s

By: Mahik’s

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Mahik’s shares a clever poem about exam season with us – good luck this school year! 😉

Exam tells, final bells,
Ringing on our head,
Fatty books, drowsy looks,
Making us all dead,
Mugging, gushing all around,
Murmuring, muttering, the only sound,

The friends, the phone, now no more,
Don’t you sneak out, mom’s at door,
Watching, spying you all day long,
What’s the pun, “is that a song?”

Don’t play games or make a pout,
Make sure you don’t have a doubt,
Get full marks! – The words of ma’am,
Mug it up, pass the exam,
The result is your own destiny,
You’ll get grounded or presents many,
Remember, my fellow, don’t you cheat,
Or the mission of your life will be incomplete,
In the exams, don’t you peek,
‘Cause mom’s got lessons for you to teach.

Head on over to Mahik’s blog for more of her charming poetry!

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