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Venetian Dreams by Priti

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By: Priti

Landscape photo of Venice, Italy

Source: Pexels

Poet Priti delights us with her scenic and captivating Venetian dreams.

Quite tempting are my Venetian dreams
Holding my breath with ecstasy, it screams
Give birth to intuitive themes
When my heart get lit just like moonbeams

That beauty of surface, of tone, of detail
Thinking of it, my mind prevail
Magical air of Venice to inhale
Even though, it seems like a Fairytale

The filtered sunlight must be streaming upon its walls
But not faster than it’s Nardis waterfalls
Imaging the great stars of Venice, hanging like
Globes at night
Of gold, in purple skies and casting their light
Dreamt of the next morning,
The whole city rises new, bathed in light
Seeing the glory, it gloriously proportions
It’s a place where even darkness seems bright
Oh! I wish, if I could ever see that sight

Anxiously waiting for my dream to become my address
Waiting for my destiny to bless
I am yearning for that peace and tranquility
Oh God! When will my fantasy turn into reality?

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