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Weekly Newsletter #13: And We Thought 65 Pages was Long…

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By: burgundy bug

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Well, folks. That just about concludes the very last March of this decade.

We began this week by learning about thermophiles. Then, Emily Barnes took us on a breathtaking tour of various outdoor adventures throughout New York. Afterwards, we visited Willow’s Garden Cafe, Karite Naturals, and Simon Holding shared his greenhouse in Southern England with us.

Oh, and the The Burgundy Zine #3: Grow was released. Y’know, that was kind of a big deal too, for us – especially considering the sheer length of it.

Weekly Recap

On Sunday, things heated up as we learned about thermophiles, microscopic bacteria that thrive in boiling water, in the article Thermophiles – Wait, That’s Not a Fetish!?.

Then, we visited Willow’s Garden Cafe, a locally owned establishment in Media, Pa, that serves fresh, handcrafted delights using locally grown and fair trade ingredients.

On Monday, Emily Barnes encouraged us to get out into the great outdoors in 10 Outdoor Adventures to Love in New York, a stunning journey through various state parks and natural wonders in New York.

On Tuesday, we visited Karite Naturals, a holistic wellness center and shop at the Springfield Mall in Pennsylvania.

Then, Simon Holding shared his family’s lovely greenhouse in Southern England with us.

We also took an unexpected break from Tune-In Tuesdays and What in the World Wednesdays this week to focus on wrapping up the third issue of The Burgundy Zine.

On Thursday, The Burgundy Zine #3: Grow was released. This 118-paged issue encompasses everything nature and wellness, articles from six talented guest contributors, and three interviews.

Going Forward

Going forward, you can expect routine installments of Tune-In Tuesdays and What in the World Wednesdays to resume.

This week, we’ll also start working on the fourth issue of The Burgundy Zine, which will center around the theme of cannabis: it’s history, legalization, CBD, getting your medical card, how to consume cannabis, the current political climate, to the future of the industry.

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