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Weekly Newsletter #15: “Flower”-ing

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By: burgundy bug

Sinderella flower by Grassroots

Source: Sinderella by Grassroots | Penelope Peru Photography P3

This week, we recapped the highlights from New York City, tuned in for a special interview with the chiptune composer Doctor Octoroc, visited Longwood Gardens, and began releasing content in line with the theme of the fourth issue, cannabis.

Weekly Recap

On Monday, we recapped the highlights from Burgundy Bug, MomoKumo, and XtaSeay‘s trip to New York City on Apr 6th through the 7th.

We also covered the LINE Friends store on Monday and the Rilakkuma pop-up shop in Times Square on Tuesday.

Later on Tuesday, we tuned into In the RP2A Over the Sea, a chiptune cover of Neutral Milk Hotel’s In the Airplane Over the Sea. Then, we tuned in for an exclusive follow-up interview with Doctor Octoroc, the composer behind In the RP2A Over the Sea.

On Wednesday, we returned with the now bi-weekly installments of What in the World Wednesdays.

This Wednesday, we covered Kirsten Gillibrand at CNN’s town hall in Washington D.C., indictment and charges in Operation Varsity Blues, the first real images of a black hole, as well as the bomb cyclone hitting the northern-central United States.

On Thursday, we released an essay on cannabis as a civil right and economic asset to the United States.

We also visited Longwood Gardens for their Spring Blooms and learned quite a bit about the history of the property.

On Friday, we learned How to Get Your Medical Marijuana Card in Pennsylvania. XtaSeay and I also released our first medicinal marijuana review.

Which brings us to our next bit of exciting news.

The Burgundy Zine is proud to announce the chill-hop music producer and fellow medical marijuana patient, XtaSeay, is now apart of the zine as an official co-contributor! Stay tuned for more from XtaSeay on the medical marijuana industry as well as more medical marijuana product reviews.

In the meantime, you can learn more about XtaSeay on our about page.

Going Forward

Going forward, XtaSeay and I will be launching our new series, Strain of the Week. We’ll be reviewing a different medicinal marijuana strain every Sunday!

You can also expect to see more content on cannabis as well as a review of Jordan Peele’s latest film, Us.

Although there will be no What in the World Wednesdays this week, keep an eye out for Tune-In Tuesdays! We’ll be featuring a special interview with KEEF, a UK musician whose debut single comes out on the 22nd.

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