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Weekly Newsletter #27: Bye, Bye, Miss American Pie

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By: burgundy bug

Lily pad at Longwood Gardens

Source: Lily Pads 04 | Penelope Peru Photography p3

Bye, bye, Miss American Pie, hope you all had a very nice fourth of July!

American Pie by Don McLean

Source: American Pie | Don McLean

Weekly Recap

On Tuesday, we took a closer look at Mountain Dew’s latest marketing campaign, the “DEWnited States,” which promises $100 to anyone who collects all 50 labels. The catch? You might have to spend $99.50, first.

Later that evening, we released our interview with Harper and the Moths, the Ariz-based dance rock band that released their debut album, “Dark Enough to Dance,” on Friday.

On Wednesday, we invited artists, poets, photographers, and musicians alike to submit their content for the seventh issue of The Burgundy Zine, which is focused on art & poetry.

The seventh issue will be released on July 28th. Any content submitted to this issue must get to us by July 27th.

Afterwards, co-contributor XtaSeay and I shared our experience hiking through Bushkill Falls.

On Thursday, we gave a few pointers for celebrating 4th of July when you don’t have any plans.

Going Forward

Going forward, we’ve got some exciting content lined up for this week!

We will be featuring a poem written on the spot in Rittenhouse Square by Marshall James Kavanaugh, as well as some of our own poetry throughout the week.

There will also be an article about the American Civil Liberties Union (ALCU), a non profit organization that fights for our individual rights.

As you may have noticed, our Strain of the Week series has been on temporary hiatus since last week. Never fear, we will be back with more reviews soon!

In the meantime, we’ve got a ton of hot, new photos over Penelope Peru Photography. You could start with the highlights from XtaSeay and I’s trip to the Poconos, Maddie’s Birthday, or jump right into the highlights from June.

While you’re at it, you could give our songs of the month from June a listen, too! 😉

Interested in having content featured in an upcoming blog post or issue of The Burgundy Zine? Head on over to the submissions page!

For all other inquiries, please fulfill a contact form.

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