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Weekly Newsletter #31: I Saw My Reflection in the Snow Covered Hills

By: burgundy bug

XtaSeay in a mini mirror

Source: Snowy Saturdaze | Penelope Peru Photography

Oh, mirror in the sky, what is love? Can the child within our hearts rise above? With reflections serving as our theme for Aug, this is the month to find out.

Weekly Recap

Landslide by Fleetwood Mac

Source: Landslide | Fleetwood Mac

We began this week by shining our artist spotlight on SuperKirbyLover, releasing the poem “sheltered in leaves, under trees,” and publishing The Burgundy Zine #7: Art and Poetry on Sunday.

On Monday, we reviewed the poetry book “Pillow Thoughts” by Courtney Peppernell as well as the Grapefruit Cookies Live Concentrate by Prime Wellness.

On Tuesday, we tuned into “Soul on Fire” by Raised on TV as well as XtaSeay’s latest releases on SoundCloud.

On Thursday, we released our monthly newsletter and invited writers, artists, photographers, and musicians alike to submit their content for the Aug issue of The Burgundy Zine.

Camille Mola of Positive Publicity also shared an article with us reflecting upon the inevitability of change and how to cope with it.

On Friday, Hala Karim shared a personal essay with us about her trips to Syria, prior and post war. We also took a closer look at the Path to Better Health Study released by CVS.

On Saturday, Sorayah of The Girl in All Leopard shared an article reflecting upon the party scene and coming of age at your own pace. We also released the article, “What I’ve Learned From Writing.”

Going Forward

Going forward, we will be releasing more reflections from Sorayah, our editor.

You can also expect routine installments of our Strain of the Week and Tune-In Tuesdays series on Monday and Tuesday, respectively.

Until next week,

burgundy bug

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