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Weekly Newsletter #37: School Rules

By: burgundy bug

Tree mural

Source: Tree Murals | Penelope Peru Photography

School drools? Nah, school rules.

Weekly Recap

We began this week with the poem, “UFFFF… Exams Approaching” by Mahik’s last Sunday.

Then, we explained “How Going Back to School is Pretty Cool,” followed by our “Strain of the Week: Lemon G Shatter by Terrapin” on Monday.

On Tuesday, we tuned in the the UK-based musician KEEF’s latest psychedelic rock single, “It All Comes Together.” Afterwards, we promoted the BOGO sale CBDFive was running on their rainbow vape pen battery.

On Wednesday, we explained the impacts of school on high schoolers’ mental health and provided a few coping tips in the article, “Overcoming First Day Jitters.”

On Thursday, The Institute of Childhood Preparedness shared back to school safety tips for students and parents with us.

On Friday, we directed our Artist Spotlight back towards Teri Anderson, who gave us a little more background information on her textiles and other creative works.

Last but certainly not least, we featured the article, “5 Things to Consider When Choosing an Apartment in College” by College Cures.

Going Forward

Going forward, we will continue releasing content geared towards students in the spirit of our “back to school” theme for the month of Sep.

As always, you can expect installments of our Strain of the Week and Tune-In Tuesdays series, too.

We’ll also be publishing a few press releases throughout the week, so keep an eye out!

In the meantime, why not share some back to school tips with our readers? Head on over to our submissions page for more info!

Until next week,
burgundy bug >:^)

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