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Weekly Newsletter #4: Preparing for the First Issue

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By: burgundy bug

Buddha Statue

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This week, we tuned in to Lemon Boy, recapped the first month of the longest government shutdown in U.S. history, introduced eight Democratic candidates who are running in the 2020 U.S. presidential election, dished out the Super Bowl cannabis commercial controversy, and discussed the importance of sparing yourself some change.

Weekly Recap

On Tuesday, we tuned in to Lemon Boy, the indie title-track from cavetown’s latest album LEMON BOY. It is a sweet little tune that implements elements of folk and pop in harmony with the English singer-songwriter Robbie Skinner’s soft vocals.

Don’t let the simplicity and gentle nature of Lemon Boy pull the wool over your eyes, as the meaning behind the song carries more weight than you may realize.

Within the same day, we recapped the first month of the longest government shutdown in U.S. history, which Vox reports spanned on for 35 days.

In the fourth installment of What in the World Wednesdays, we introduced nine of the 476 candidates who have registered with the Federal Elections Commission (FEC), eight of which happen to be members of the Democratic Party.

The fourth installment also covered the ban prohibiting transgender individuals from serving in the military, Chris Brown’s most recent arrest, the 91st Oscar Awards nominations, as well as some events that happened outside of our world.

On Thursday, we dished out the controversy regarding CBS refusing to air the U.S.-Based cannabis company Acreage Holding’s commercial, which arguably has cost CBS far more then the $5 million they were offered to run the advertisement.

On Saturday, we stressed the importance of sparing yourself some change for a change. Your money jar could save you when you least expect it – or better yet, you may just have the $2,100,000 wheat penny on your dresser or a $15,000 $100-bill in your wallet without even realizing it.

Going Forward

Going forward, you can expect the first issue of The Burgundy Zine to release tomorrow, Jan. 28. Be sure to keep an eye out for a review of Jose Antonio Vargas’ Dear America, Notes of an Undocumented Citizen, and the monthly newsletter, among other content.

As always, you can look forward to the fourth installment of Tune-In Tuesdays as well as the fifth installment of What in the World Wednesdays.

With February right around the corner, The Burgundy Zine is open to submissions for the second issue, which is centered around the theme of creative as well as romantic passions.

Interested in having content featured in an upcoming blog post or issue of The Burgundy Zine? Head on over to the submissions page!

For all other inquiries, please fulfill a contact form.

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