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Weekly Newsletter #47: Don’t Go Cold Turkey on Me

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By: burgundy bug

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Turkey or tofurkey, the holiday season is near and dear… Three cheers for consumerism!

Seriously, though. I’ve received so many Black Friday offers in the last week, I thought I had missed Thanksgiving and this Friday was the shopping mecha day of the year. What ever happened to good ol’ cyber Monday?

In any case, if you’re looking for a great pre-Black Friday sale to get you started, CBDFive is running a BOGO free on all of their products until tomorrow!


The Burgundy Zine

Weekly Recap

We dove into this week with Peter’s guide to hosting a Friendsgiving dinner last Sunday.

On Monday, Sibyl’s Scribbles took us back in time with her poem, “An Invitation from the Forgotten.”

On Tuesday, we tuned-in to an interview with Finnish indie-pop artist Sätilä to learn more about his background in music as well as his latest single, “Like You Do.”

On Wednesday, we took a moment to assess the tug-o-war between music streaming and radio in “Streaming Services Killed the Radio Star: Is Radio Dead?

Then, Dark Blue Journal gave us a few eco-friendly gift ideas to put to use this holiday season.

On Thursday, we took a moment to discuss former vice president Joe Biden’s current stance on cannabis legislation.

On Friday, The Green Ace shared some all-natural treatment options for depression.

On Saturday, we talked about Romance in the Digital Age, followed by Tim Wingard’s article on the role of animal sexuality in the fight for LGBTQ rights.

Last but not least, we encouraged you to take advantage of CBDFive’s Black Friday BOGO sale.

Going Forward

Don’t go cold turkey on us just yet, there’s still plenty more to come this week. We’ll be chugging along full steam ahead as we get ready to release The Burgundy Zine #11 on Nov. 28th.

Yeah, we didn’t realize the release date fell on Thanksgiving until last week, either… Oops!

In the meantime, you can stay up to date with our progress on The Burgundy Zine #11 by keeping up with our stories on Instagram!

Until next week,
burgundy bug >:^)

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