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Weekly Newsletter #84: Bye Bye, July

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By: burgundy bug

“Cloudy headed” illustration by Burgundy Bug

Source: The Burgundy Zine

Dear July,
I thought we’d never have to say goodbye… And here, you flew by in the blink of an eye.

I mean, seriously — did anyone else feel like this month passed unusually fast? Odd.

Anyways, let’s dive into our weekly recap.

Weekly Recap

We began this week with tips on how to successfully interview anybody on Sunday.

On Monday, experts at Chic Sex Shop discussed how cannabis can enhance your sex life. Then, we published “The Abyss” poem.

On Tuesday, we tuned-in to an interview with Waiting For Smith to chat about his latest single, “Lines of Love.” We also shared a few laughs and bonded over our shared experiences with chronic health conditions.

Afterward, we tuned-in to a review of New Jersey-based pop-rock band The Ones You Forgot’s latest single, “Something For Me.”

AND THEN… DRUM ROLL, PLEASE… We released “The Burgundy Zine #16: Skin Care, Self Care.” With over 90 contributors across 177 pages, this is our longest, most content-packed bi-monthly issue to date!

A toy chicken does a dramatic head turn

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On Wednesday, we reviewed the first issue of Pink Clover Magazine.

Next, we published the poem/lyrics, “Sing For You ‘Till Sunrise.”

On Thursday, Peter shared a few tips for staying safe and legally-protected during a protest.

On Friday, we covered NASA’s Mars Perseverance and Ingenuity Mars Helicopter launches. We also discussed other rovers headed towards Mars and poked a bit of fun at the recent UFO news.

Then, we reviewed Lush’s Cup O’Coffee face and body scrub.

On Saturday, we released information for submitting to the next issue of our digital magazine, “The Burgundy Zine #17: Fall Into Science.” This issue will cover both science and autumn-themed content.

The deadline for submissions to The Burgundy Zine #17 is Sept. 21. “The Burgundy Zine #17: Fall Into Science” is scheduled for release on Sept. 28.

Last — but most certainly far from least — we discussed the science behind vaccines in honor of National Immunization Awareness Month.

Going Forward

As always, we’re looking for writers, artists, photographers, models, and musicians to feature in the next issue of our digital magazine!

Although August has only just begun, we have a feeling this month’ll zip by, too — so don’t delay, submit your content or article pitch today!

In the meantime, we encourage you to savior these last few weeks of summer in all of its ephemeral beauty. Stay safe, stay healthy, wear your face masks, and wear your sunscreen.

Until next week,
burgundy bug >:^)

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