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What to Expect at Herbology’s New King of Prussia Location

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By: burgundy bug

Informational Pamphlets from Herbology at their Happy Hour in Philadelphia

Photo courtesy of Briana Sposato for Herbology

Source: Herbology

King of Prussia, home to the second largest mall in America, became home to Herbology’s newest medical marijuana dispensary in Pa on Monday.

Yesterday, we spoke to the head of Grassroot’s retail, Talley Wettlaufer, via telephone to learn more about their King of Prussia location.

Before we begin, could you give us a brief background on Herbology for our newer readers out there who might be unfamiliar?

Herbology is a dispensary in part of Grassroots Cannabis, but we like to think of ourselves as more than that.

We like all of our dispensaries to embody our “patient first” approach to care and wellness, along with being an active member of our community. Our Herbologists are always from the area and reflect where we operate, which we think is very important. Our spaces are always warm and welcoming.

We’re here to provide products, experience, and education that are meaningful and helpful to all of our patients.

Talley Wettlaufer, head of retail at Grassroots Cannabis

What lead Herbology to expand to the King of Prussia area?

We’re always looking to grow and serve new patients.

Our King of Prussia location is great and it’s our first in Montgomery County. We have ample parking and it’s easy to access. It’s also conveniently located near all the shopping in the area.

Could you tell us a little bit about the new dispensary? What other amenities can patients look forward to at the King of Prussia location, opposed to other dispensaries?

I think there are a few things that set us apart.

One of the biggest things is our training, which we believe is crucial to providing the best possible patient experience. We not only go through state-mandate training, but we have additional training along with all of our Herbologists that have hands on experience in our other locations.

This is our eighth location in Pennsylvania. We operate across the state; from Bradford to Gettysburg, to South Philly and now King of Prussia.

We take connecting to our communities very seriously to deliver the best possible experience in the market.

We’re here to make people’s lives better and make them feel better.


What are you most excited about at the new location?

Serving a new community. We’re constantly looking to learn more and interact with our patients.

At the open house event last week, everyone was very excited and enthusiastic about the King of Prussia location – and rightfully so! What responses have you seen or heard so far?

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The Burgundy Zine

We always have a really great response from the communities we’re opening in. We had the commissioner [at the new store] for the ribbon cutting today and we’re really excited to serve the patients in the area. We also had a bunch of cultivators [at the grand opening] talking about their new products.

Were there any challenges in setting up the King of Prussia store (gaining approval from the township/surrounding businesses, criticism, construction or decorating difficulties, and so on…)?

No, nothing out of the ordinary.

Are there any new products lined up from Grassroots that we can look forward to? Perhaps more vape cartridges or concentrates?

Yes! This is a new industry, so we’re always looking to innovate.

For us in August, we’re launching new RSO capsules and disposable vape pens.

We’re excited! One of the advantages of being vertically integrated with the Grassroots product is we can really listen to our customers.

Are there any upcoming events lined up for Herbology, following the grand opening in King of Prussia?

Our main focus for King of Prussia has been the grand opening, but we do have a few events in the area.

On Saturday, Grassroots is sponsoring the “Hemp Heals Hockey Tournament,” which is an all day adult hockey tournament followed by an educational cannabis presentation panel to promote wellness and raise awareness.

We very commonly do patient registration events along with other things in the area.

For anyone out there who is interested in obtaining their medical card but is shy about having the conversation with their doctor, how do you recommend they approach the subject?

There are a bunch of different ways.

You can look at the state website as well as the Herbology website, or you can call our store.

The process is fairly simple. You register on the state website, create a patient profile, and get certified from an approved physician.

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The Burgundy Zine

As I had mentioned, we host events around the area where we help with the patient certification piece.

[Once you’re certified,] you need to make a payment to Pennsylvania for your medical ID card.

As always, you can call our store and we will be more than happy to walk you through the process.

Do you have any additional comments or final thoughts to share?

We’re just excited to be apart of the community. We encourage everyone to come on in and check us out!

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