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What I’ve Learned From Photography

Much like writing, photography has been a prominent gateway for self expression throughout the majority of my life. It has equipped me with a new perspective of the world and given me the opportunity to share my experiences globally without peeping a single word.

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Why We’re Seeing More Beached Gray Whales

Gray whales are a speckled, 45-foot, 1,500-pound marine mammal that are native to the Pacific Ocean, according to the Marine Mammal Center.

This year, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) declared an Unusual Mortality Event due to the increase in strandings, so we reached out to the NOAA to dive further into the issue.

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Hiking Through Central Oregon

Oh, Oregon. Known for your hipsters and loved for your legal cannabis, you are home to some of the most beautiful national parks in America.

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What in the World Wednesdays #3: Wildlife Woes

The political climate grows more turbulent in the U.S. while President Donald Trump dodges allegations of his connection with the Russian President Vladimir Putin. Across the waters, the UK is just 3 months away from their separation with the European Union.

Meanwhile, an egg has taken Instagram by storm, the host of this year’s Grammy Awards has been announced, and wildlife officials in Oregon have begun killing Sea Lions.

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