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We’re Calling Off The Burgundy Zine #18: Imagination Recaptured

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By: burgundy bug

After giving it much heavy thought, we have decided not to move forward with releasing “The Burgundy Zine #18: Imagination Recaptured” on July 28.

At this time, I, burgundy bug, will be stepping down from my position as the editor, writer, graphic designer, social media manager, outreach specialist, and webmaster of The Burgundy Zine. This decision comes at the hands of both professional and personal matters.

Any content that was paid for in advance will still be published on our blog, and the site will remain intact for those who wish to view or visit the platform.

We can’t thank you enough for all of your support over the last two and a half years. The Burgundy Zine has provided me with tremendous, invaluable opportunities for personal growth and enrichment.

Our platform provided me with a much-needed space to focus my beat as a writer, build my skills as a researcher, establish myself as an editor, explore my curiosities as a graphic designer, and collaborate with other immensely talented individuals.

I am truly excited for the future that awaits, and I sincerely can’t extend my gratitude enough.

Since there is no other person designated to fulfill my role after my departure, we will not be answering any emails, social media messages, article pitches, contact forms, or advertising requests until further notice.

If the matter is truly urgent and pertains to your intellectual property — i.e., requesting to have your pen name on the site changed or a previously uploaded article edited/redacted — you can still reach us here.

Otherwise, it has truly been an honor to write alongside all of you. I look forward to perhaps collaborating again in the future, should the opportunity ever arise.

burgundy bug

burgundy bug


A cynical optimist and mad scientist undercover, burgundy bug is the editor, graphic designer, webmaster, social media manager, and primary photographer for The Burgundy Zine. Entangled in a web of curiosity, burgundy bug’s work embodies a wide variety of topics including: neuroscience, psychology, ecology, biology, cannabis, reviews, fashion, entertainment, and politics. You can learn more about working with burgundy bug by visiting her portfolio website: burgundybug.com

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