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How Going Back to School is Pretty Cool

Education is a facet of modern living, an enriching experience we often take for granted in 2019 – and there are a lot of reasons why. While the slight majority feels engaged in school, only 48 percent of secondary school students feel what they are learning will benefit them in the real world, according to Youth Truth student survey issued in 2017.

Other factors that contribute to student dissatisfaction come into play, as well: inadequate academic environments, the competitive attitude towards grades, peer pressure, and the meer fact that school starts so early in the morning.

However, the negative attitude towards school as a whole only perpetuates feelings of dread, anxiety, and indifference towards course materials, when there’s a lot that could be celebrated, instead.

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Cigarettes: Over Romanticized and Over Done ’till Death

Between the parting of your lips and secured between your teeth is nothing but pure bliss – or what some might call a “cancer stick.”

Cigarettes are more than just a quick hit of dopamine and death sentence. They are a timeless aesthetic, romanticized and over done until the very end.

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What is Wellness?

Although there’s always been a market for self improvement, the concept of wellness has been ever present over the last few years. From our beauty products to our commercials to events in our towns and at our schools, the trend has spread like wildfire.

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