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Luna’s Love for Sewing

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By: Luna

Blue Flowers

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Keeping in line with the theme for the second issue of The Burgundy Zine, passion, Luna details her love for textiles, embroidery, and sewing.

Source: luna

I feel like my passion would be to create. I still don’t have any clue what or when, but it feels like my destiny.

As an artist, there shouldn’t be boundaries for what I want to do and experience. Yet, I can’t help but feel like I’m holding myself back.

I love to crochet, knit, and sew. Naturally, I’ve dabbled in embroidery and quilting. I love anything with texture or a lot of color. I love the feel of different fabrics and threads all working together or even against each other. I love the feel of running my fingers across a finished piece. It makes my heart swell, if that makes sense.

I hold all that I do close to my heart. When it gets finished, I can’t help but have love for each and every part no matter how much work it takes or how much time flies when I’m creating.

I come from an artistic family, so I’ve always been around it and told to do what makes me happy. I want to show my pieces, get different reactions, and learn from everyone but I’m still insecure about my work.

I know I shouldn’t feel insecure because so many people have encouraged me or told me I can do it. In my mind, I feel like it’s the right time but my heart doesn’t seem to feel the same way.

How I Fashioned my Passion

I’d have to give my grandparents credit for my passion for textiles.

My grandma who lives close to me quilts and makes amazing blankets. As a creative and artistic child, seeing and working side by side with her really sparked something in me at a young age.

My grandma would take my drawings and make them into cute little pieces, even showing me how to do it. When I’d visit her (my grandmother lives in another state) it would be our thing to visit the craft store. We’d choose yarns, fabrics, and needle sizes.

As a kid, I’d get happy just from spending time with both of my grandparents and doing what they loved to do. My dad’s mom taught me to sew by hand and use a machine. On the other hand, my mother’s mom taught me to crochet and knit. With both of them keeping it up throughout the years and teaching me so much, I grew to love it.

I love seeing how a piece comes out, even if it’s not what I expected. I guess learning from both of them made me reach out and try new things.

For example, patch making and tapestry weaving. They both took the time to work and learn with me, teaching me different techniques to use throughout my work. I’m so grateful that my family and friends support me and my craziness.

If I could do it my whole life would I? Yes! My only concern is who would be interested in what I make besides my friends and family? They tell it’s good and I could actually do something with it, but I’m still not so sure. Maybe I’m just scared of how the world would react to it?

Then again, you only live once – so who cares!

Bug’s Two Cents

I’m happy to say I’ve known Luna for just under a year, but it wasn’t until recently that I found out she had such an interesting passion. I absolutely loved to read more about her experience and how she got into textiles.

Thank you for sharing your story!

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