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Submission Guidelines

In addition to our blog, The Burgundy Zine releases a digital magazine centered around a different theme or topic on the 28th of each month.

Content that falls within our theme has the potential to be featured in that upcoming issue of The Burgundy Zine. The editor will always ask for your permission to feature your submission in an upcoming issue prior to its release.

You will be credited by name, pen name, or blog (please let us know which you prefer) in the byline of the post with links to your website along with any social media you would like us to include in the footer of the post.

In the magazine, you will be listed in the credits within the first few pages of the magazine and will be credited in the byline of the article, as well.

If you are submitting content for a particular issue, please indicate which month’s magazine you would like to be featured in at the top of the submission.

Here are the themes for the next few months of upcoming Burgundy Zine releases:

  • October 2019 – Spooky Psychology
  • November 2019 – Thank you, history
  • December 2019 – It’s Beginning to Look A Lot like Craftmas

Submission Deadline

The deadline for all submissions is the 21st of each month, unless stated otherwise.


If you are a writer interested in submitting an article, essay, poem, short story, and so on, please pitch us your idea in the “message” box above.

For articles that have already been written, please paste the link to the article in the message box or email us the final draft as a .docx file:

If your submission has been previously featured on any other platforms, please provide links to where it is available at the bottom of the message.

Word Length

There are no minimum or maximum word restrictions placed on submissions. As a rule of thumb, we recommend articles stay within the 300 to 1,500 word range, but you are more than welcome to send in an article that is less than 300 words or greater than 1,500 words.


Please provide a link to any photographs or additional media to be embedded within the article.

For free images, we recommend visiting Penelope Peru Photography, which has thousands of photographs in a selection of over 500 unique categories to choose from.

Photographs and other media may also be emailed or shared via Google Drive with the editor:


If you are an artist interested in having your work featured in The Burgundy Zine, please submit a link to the art pieces in the “message” box.

Art may also be emailed or shared via Google Drive with the editor:


If you are a musician interested in having your work featured in The Burgundy Zine and in an upcoming installment of our Tune-In Tuesdays series, please provide a link to your song, album, or music video along with where your music is available and any other social platforms your work may be found on.

Please note that we do have submissions lined up for the next couple installments of Tune-In Tuesdays, so it may be a few weeks before your work is featured on our blog. However, the submission will always be featured in our magazine’s “Music Spotlight” for the month it was submitted during.

Note: interviews are more likely to be featured sooner than later. If you or the musician you’re representing are interested in being interviewed, please specify so in the subject line of the message or email.

If you haven’t received a response from the editor, don’t fret. You will definitely be emailed closer to when we are featuring your submission.


If you are interested in being interviewed for an upcoming article in The Burgundy Zine, please submit a contact form.

Product Reviews

If you are interested in having your product reviewed for an upcoming in The Burgundy Zine, please submit a contact form explaining your product, company, and any other additional information that may be important.

Everything Else

If you are interested in submitting another form of content for The Burgundy Zine, please provide a link to your work as well as a message explaining the context of your content.

You may also email or share your content with the editor:

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