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Tune-In Tuesdays #61 BONUS: Musosoup Reimagines Music Industry PR

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By: burgundy bug

Musosoup homepage

Source: Musosoup

Whether you’re a blogger or a music journalist looking for stories, or a musician or a publicist looking for coverage, Musosoup has completely streamlined public relations for the music industry.

Gone are the days of press releases for upcoming singles drowning in an abyss of emails. Now, you can easily distribute, manage, and search for hot new tracks directly from your web browser.

Musosoup for Musicians, Managers, and Publicists

Through Musosoup, you can generate press releases for your latest single/EP/album releases, which are distributed to content creators in a feed for 30 days once it’s been approved by the Musosoup moderators.

If someone is interested in covering your submission, you’ll have the chance to accept or decline the offer they’ve made. Then, you can further discuss the details using Musosoup’s instant messaging feature.

There’s a £30 fee (reduced to £10 for the winter and spring of 2020) for 30-day listings, however, a portion of the proceeds goes toward supporting the content creators who’ll be covering your submissions.

For a £1 a day – or £0.33 a day at this time – you simply can’t go wrong. Musosoup offers exposure to many different content creators who can share your exponentially with their audiences.

That kind of marketing is priceless.

Musosoup for Content Creators

As a content creator, you’ll have access to a feed of music listings that have up to 30 days on them before they’re no longer available.

There are countless genre and sub-genre filters that allow you to narrow down the feed to reflect the playlist you’re working on or the type of content you cover.

Various genre and sub-genre filters for the Musosoup feed

Source: Musosoup

Once you select a listing, you’ll be able to preview a summary of the details and the track. You can press “Read More” for additional details about the release and download press release assets, as well.

If a track really grabs your attention, you can save it and decide to make an offer later. If it’s not necessarily your taste or doesn’t fit your blog, you can press “I’m Not Interested” to remove it from your feed.

After you’ve saved a track, you can review it again and make an offer or submit coverage you’ve already done of the listing.

Making an Offer on Musosoup

Making an offer on a Musosoup listing

Source: Musosoup

You can offer to cover the music in a review, interview, feature, on the radio, your playlist, podcast, etc… for a fee you set or for free.

In your offer, it’s important to include the approximate release date of your coverage, more details about your offer, and the type of marketing (for example, the social media platforms you may share also share it on) you’ll be implementing, as well.

If your offer is accepted, you or the artist can contact each other through the Musosoup instant messaging system to flesh out any additional details.

Bug’s Two Cents

5 out of 5 platinum records

It’s no secret that music is at the heart and soul of The Burgundy Zine community.

Every day, we’re contacted by incredibly talented musicians who we either coordinate interviews with, write reviews of their latest releases, and/or feature them in the Music Spotlight of our digital magazine.

It’s truly an honor and we absolutely love having the opportunity to connect with so many amazing individuals. Our conversations with various artists have left us feeling inspired and empowered; we’ve shared laughs together, and some have even left us teary-eyed by their stories.

However, staying on top of the music submissions that are emailed to us can be a challenge.

We receive music submissions through our submissions email (submit@burgundyzine.com), our contact email (contact@burgundyzine.com), directly to our editor (editor@burgundyzine.com), and on social media.

And we’re not alone in this. Many other content creators find themselves in a pickle because they’re receiving numerous submissions on all of these different platforms. Understandably, this can lead to losing the press release somewhere in their inbox rabbit.

The challenge goes both ways. While it can be difficult to keep up with submissions as a content creator, I can only imagine how much juggling it takes for a public relations manager who’s overseeing multiple clients and distributing press releases for multiple individuals throughout the week.

Musosoup has made it incredibly simple for both the media and musician (or their manager). Using this platform has revolutionized how we process music submissions for The Burgundy Zine, and it’s given us the opportunity to discover songs we may have never heard if it weren’t for Musosoup.

All of our submissions now have a place where they can be neatly organized and we have a much easier way to remain in contact with the artists.

Needless to say, I can’t recommend Musosoup enough. If you’re a music blogger or a PR specialist, you owe it to yourself to sign up.

Looking for another reason to sign up? Musosoup is offering £20 off to artists for a 30 day listing all throughout the winter and spring of 2020!

Head on over to Musosoup to learn more about how this press generation engine is revolutionizing the music PR industry.

Interested in having content featured in an upcoming blog post or issue of The Burgundy Zine? Head on over to the submissions page!

For all other inquiries, please fulfill a contact form.

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