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Tune-In Tuesdays #64: Keesh on Finding His Groove

Los Angeles, Calif-based musician and producer Wesam Keesh is a passionate artist still “digging deeper” to find the groove in his tunes.

Recently, Keesh released “Again,” a smooth, sultry single about overcoming lustful distractions. We reached out to Keesh via telephone to learn more about his journey as a musician, his move to LA, and the story behind “Again.”

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The Ecological Cost of the Trump Border Wall

The “world’s most costly” border wall has a projected budget that extends beyond its dollar amount: the environmental and ecological costs.

If the Trump administration pursues a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border, “there are species that will be completely extirpated from the United States,” said Sky Island Alliance program director Emily Burns during our recent interview.

Not to mention, the cement needed to create the border wall will require draining “hundreds of thousands of gallons of water that’s very precious down here in the southwest” from sensitive, local sources, she added.

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Tune-In Tuesdays #63: Balcony Talk on Breaking Free From the ‘Calendar Daze’

Not feeling his message was being heard within a band, Anthony Cafiero decided to fly solo and start a deeply personal, alt-rock project: Balcony Talk.

Earlier this month, Balcony Talk released the EP “Calendar Daze,” which was inspired by Cafiero snapping out of the trance of his daily grind and reconnecting with his love for music.

Recently, we had a very heartfelt discussion with Cafiero via email about Balcony Talk and “Calendar Daze.”

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Tune-In Tuesdays #61: Pop-Group HAUNTER Makes Their Empowering Debut

Rocking right into the pop scene with an unmatchable level of energy and heart, the Houston-based pop-group HAUNTER graced the industry with their electrifying debut single “Love You Better” last month.

Recently, we had an empowering discussion via telephone with guitarist Enoma Asowata, vocalist Lucy Lenoire, and bassist Mark Shroeder. We shared quite a few laughs and had the chance to learn more about this brand new band.

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Tune-In Tuesdays #60: Neverman Singer Matt McGown on “the War Within Themselves”

Deeply personable and incomparably energetic, Neverman intrigues their listeners through their candid lyricism on wading through rough times only to emerge from them stronger and more resilient.

Following the release of their latest EP, “It’s Not a Prison, It’s a Prism,” we spoke to Neverman frontman Matt McGown to learn more about his personal connection with music and the band’s big goals for this year.

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Love Thy Doctor: Recent Statistics Say Otherwise

Do you love your doctor, the health care specialist who you’re supposed to entrust with your life and wellbeing?

If you don’t, you’re not alone. A recent Vanguard Communications study shows that doctors are 72 percent more likely to receive a one-star review than lawyers.

Yet, most of the online-complaints against doctors aren’t about the physicians themselves, rather, the practice they work in. But the blame still tends to fall on the doctor.

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Comics to Inspire and Educate: Naseed Gifted on Creating P.B. Soldier

Frustrated by the lack of superheroes that “looked like his son,” engineer and educator Naseed Gifted created his own superhero: “P.B. Soldier.”

“P.B. Soldier” truly resonates with the reader by combining history, science, and real-world experiences in an enriching and educational 65-episode story arch.

“When you talk about imagination, you want people to be able to dream again,” Gifted said during our recent interview. “That’s what this whole project is about, having individuals be able to dream and see themselves in the story.”

During our phone call with Gifted, we learned more origin story for “P.B. Soldier” and its Kickstarter campaign that launched this month.

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Vladimir Kush Makes Waves With His Latest Masterpiece, “In Full Sail”

Artist Vladimir Kush is making waves with his latest piece of “Metamorpic Realism,” titled “In Full Sail” at the Caesars Palace Kush Fine Art Galleries in Last Vegas, Nev.

“In Full Sail” truly captivates the viewer with its enchanting use of dragonflies for the sail of the boat, the colors are soothing, and each brush stroke is unbelievably smooth.

Earlier this week, we spoke to Kush Fine Art Galleries marketing director Jorge Barrera-Galindo via email to learn more about their three gallery locations and Kush’s “In Full Sail.”

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