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What Went Wrong With Our Kickstarter

CHOO-choo-ooo-oo-o…oo.oo. Well, bug buddies, it looks like our hype train has pulled aside for a pitstop. We’ve decided to conclude The Burgundy Zine Merch Store Kickstarter campaign early.

Those who have graciously pledged their support to The Burgundy Zine Merch Store Campaign will not be charged for their contribution. We will not receive any of the pledges from our Kickstarter campaign, either.

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The Burgundy Zine Merch Store Update #5: We Need You

With just 10 days left and a few more pledges until we reach the Kickstarter campaign goal, our community needs you.

It’s your support that’ll help us stay afloat and open our platform to new opportunities. The Burgundy Zine Merch Store isn’t just for us – it’s a place for you to sell and promote your work, too.

Pledges start at just $1 and our eternal gratitude goes out to everyone who has backed our campaign thus far. Thank you for believing in us!

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The Burgundy Zine Merch Store Update #2: KICKSTARTER LAUNCH IN ONE WEEK!

Time really flies when you’ve been inside for two months, huh? Well, bug buddies, we’re just ONE WEEK AWAY from our KICKSTARTER LAUNCH!

Get ready, those of you who keep up with our Instagram stories are about to get flooded with art and snapshots of “The Burgundy Zine #15.”

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