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The Burgundy Merch Store Update #1: Digital Stickers!

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By: burgundy bug

The Burgundy Zine Merch Store Update #1

Source: The Burgundy Zine

From moo-moos to flower dude…dudes? Eh, screw rhyming. Let’s jump into our first Burgundy Zine Merch Store update!

What Have You Been Up To, Bug?

In case you’ve been wondering… Freelancing, I finally achieved a five-star town in “Animal Crossing: New Horizons,” and I’ve been contemplating when to cut my own hair again.

Oh, you meant in regards to The Burgundy Zine. Well, I’ve been hosting interviews, laying out the pages of “The Burgundy Zine #15: Go Green,” mapping out content for the rest of the month, and creating digital stickers for The Burgundy Zine Merch Store Kickstarter.

The Burgundy Zine Merch Store Kickstarter Update

As you may recall from our announcement last week, the merch store campaign has a buffet of various digital art rewards for backers who pledge at least $5.

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The Burgundy Zine

Those who pledge $5 to $24 will receive five digital sticker sheets (along with other rewards).

Any pledge over $25 will receive 10 digital sticker sheets (again, along with other rewards).

So, we have to put together at least 10 sticker sheets, maybe 15 or 20 sticker sheets to add a bit of variety to the mix.

Digital stickers for The Burgundy Zine Merch Store backers on Kickstarter

Source: The Burgundy Zine

As of right now, the logo, cow, and “Florette” sticker sheets are pretty close to complete!

Note: These are the promo-copies of the sticker sheets and not the official sticker sheets the backers will receive).

Here’s a hint as to what sticker sheets we’ll be working on next – if you’re able to unscramble these words, that is. 😉

  • utiBlrsteef
  • srogF
  • Spaec erBas
  • tarSrbesirew
  • eHstra, tSasr, and ipLs
  • usMmorsho
  • Bleu gilr
  • aCn fo senab

Although the bulk of the rewards are art commissions, there are a few pledges that’ll receive pre-made digital art, so we’ll be pumping out some portraits and landscapes in the weeks to come, as well.

How’s The Burgundy Zine #15 Coming Along?

Pretty good! We have about 70 or so pages mapped out, with at least 30 pages complete or near-complete.

Yeah, that’s right, 70… And that’s just with the content from April.

We’re aiming for “The Burgundy Zine #15” to be about 140 pages long, but don’t be surprised if it spills over a little bit. After all, we had the same goal for “The Burgundy Zine #14: Healing,” which ended up with a total of 164 pages.

On a personal note, the current issue has taken me by surprise – and in an incredibly positive way.

In my eyes, “The Burgundy Zine #15” parallels “The Burgundy Zine #11: History and Holidays.”

After the delayed release of the much-anticipated “The Burgundy Zine #10: Spooky Psychology,” I was worried “The Burgundy Zine #11” wouldn’t live up to the hype of the October issue.

Plus, the October zine spilling into November meant I creating working on two entire zines in one month… And I was traveling that month, too.

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The Burgundy Zine

Yet, “The Burgundy Zine #11” remains one of my favorite zines. I was so happy with how the cover came out, I absolutely loved the articles from our guest contributors, and I got to meet so many wonderful history writers in the process.

Similarly, “The Burgundy Zine #14” has been one of our biggest issues to date. It featured 75 contributors and was centered around a topic that’s near and dear to my own heart.

With the excitement of the last zine, the pandemic changing lives as many of us once knew it, and with a lot going on in my own life behind the scenes, I was worried about “The Burgundy Zine #15” last month.

But as I’m laying out the content now, I find myself warmed and comforted by how our community has still pulled together during these trying times. I had nothing to worry about at all – and if anything, I know I’ll love this zine just as much as the last one… if not a little more.

Editor rambles aside, thank you for tuning into this week’s Burgundy Zine Merch Store Update… Wow, that title’s a bit of a mouthful.

I hope the rest of this week treats you with the love and respect you deserve. Kick back, relax, and don’t forget to save our Kickstarter page so you can be among the first to receive a notification when it launches.

Until our next update,
burgundy bug >:^)

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