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Calla Lilies by Saumya

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By: Saumya

Soft pastel painting of calla lilies by Saumya

Source: Saumya

Artist Saumya inspires us with the beauty and symbolism of calla lilies.

This painting portrays white calla lilies, which particularly stand for purity of thought and the eloquence of heavenly bliss. Apart from this, white calla lilies are considered quite lucky. Looking at today’s scenario, we need all the luck we can get.

So, when life returns to normal and you finally step outside, don’t hesitate to go and grab a bouquet of these authentic flowers! Keeping the doom and gloom aside, it’s Spring – which means that there is no better time to cultivate calla lilies than now!

Their blooms last for weeks and they are a beautiful addition to any garden. The calla lily, being an extraordinary flower, is available in a multitude of colors. Originating from rhizomes, the flower can be grown in containers, either outdoors or in a sunny window as houseplants.

If calla lilies could talk this is probably what you would hear:

A dream in my eyes,
A hope in my heart,
This time will pass too, there’s an end for each start

These few lines precisely summarize what white calla lilies stand for!  

Fun Fact: Calla lilies are not lilies nor are the “blossoms” actually flowers. They are curled leaves protecting tiny flowers inside!

P/S: A warm and special thank you to Manya Garg for assisting with the painting!

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