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Tune-In Tuesdays #68 BONUS: Floating Away by Ash

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By: burgundy bug

“Floating Away” by Ash cover

Source: Floating Away | Ash

Driven by its jazz, soul, and radiant vocals, pop and R&B artist Ash‘s latest single “Floating Away” is an atmospheric anthem of recovery.

A Bit of Context…

Born in Northern England and now based out of New York City, Ash performs alongside a seven-piece pop and R&B ensemble.

Drawing inspiration from the likes of Sharon Jones, Amy Winehouse, and Albama Shakes, Ash has created a vibrant sound that is truly her own.

Ash wrote “Floating Away” while recovering from sexual assault last year, the press release describes.

“I wrote ‘Floating Away’ to capture the raw emotion of feeling like I was losing myself,” Ash explained in the press release. “I felt myself tearing away from my loved ones and the things that mattered, but I felt helpless. Creating this song with my best friends, and people I love so dearly helped me channel that pain, and bring myself back to someone I recognized.”

Floating Away by Ash

Immediately, the listener is immersed in silky, colorful instrumentals that have a tinge of jazz influence.

Ash’s vocals are strong and incandescent, yet she manages to maintain a mesmerizing level of vocal control, utilizing vibrato and volume to emphasize various emotions throughout “Floating Away.”

The horns during the chorus and transition to the second verse are sunny, reminiscent of a summer afternoon spent soul-searching in the clouds.

Lyrically, the track is honest and emotive while leaving room for the listener to form their own connection with “Floating Away” through the singer-songwriter’s ability to convey her recovery through dissociative metaphors.

In a way, the contrast between the instrumentals and the experiences associated with the song can be viewed as a metaphor in and of itself. “Floating Away” appears to be such an upbeat track, despite the artist wearing her heart on her sleeve – which parallels what recovery is like for so many: having to put on a mask while behind the scenes you’re still picking up the pieces.

Overall, “Floating Away” is groovy, bountiful, and charming. It’s candid, poetic, and empowers listeners through its unique beauty.

We’re truly eager to hear what Ash releases next.

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