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Tune-In Tuesdays #86 BONUS: AFTYN Share Intimate Details of Their Latest LP

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Photograph of the indie-folk duo AFTYN

Source: AFTYN

Indie-folk duo AFTYN discuss the narrative and process behind their new LP “Minutia.”

The Narrative Behind Minutia

“Minutia” is a collection of songs primarily driven by personal events from Guinnevere’s life. It’s her way of putting her emotions out to the world.

Most of these songs were inspired by events that occurred over the last year and a half that AFTYN has been together, which has brought out the most honest and raw portrayal of these feelings since many songs were written as they were happening.

This personal collection of songs captures everything from past relationships and close friendships to reflections of oneself. While the subject matter of the lyrics is transparent, they’re meant for listeners to relate to them in any way they perceive them.

The Process of Creating “Minutia”

Creating “Minutia” was unlike any songwriting or recording experience we have ever had before.

AFTYN is a completely self-produced band. All of the songs were created at our home studio, which we’ve been working out of for the last year. This was our first experience as artists independently creating and recording music on our own.

Working on our own schedule gave us the time to dive into every song and bring out the most authentic version of ourselves and our influences that we could.

A handful of these songs were performed live before we decided to record them, which gave us plenty of time to study the songs and decide exactly how we wanted them to sound recorded.

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