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What to Wear When Meeting Your Partner’s Parents for Thanksgiving by Peter

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By: Peter

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Peter of Joyful Source gives us wardrobe essentials for Thanksgiving with your significant other’s family.

Meeting your significant other’s family during the holidays might be an exciting idea, but it can also be incredibly stressful, as you know how important it is to leave a great first impression.

Apart from acting the part, you want to naturally look the part as well, making sure you appear polished, put-together, but still warm and approachable. So, here are some of the best outfit ideas to wear when meeting your partner’s parents this Thanksgiving.

Dress Up Your Denim Jeans

If your partner’s family is hosting a more informal get-together, jeans are always a good option. While it might be a good idea to avoid ripped denim to opt for darker washes and more classic styles, such as the iconic Levi’s 501, any pair of well-fitting jeans can be dressed up nicely.

Start by choosing a dressier blouse or even an elegant cashmere jumper. Then, pair it with some sleek flats or heeled ankle boots.

Embellish the outfit with a few dainty jewelry pieces, and then finish the look off with a classic trench coat, for that approachable yet classy look that’s bound to impress your partner’s parents.

Opt for a Cute Printed Dress

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If you want to look chic, feminine, and appropriate for almost any occasion, a printed day dress with a bit of flounce, such as a beautiful Realisation Par dress, is the perfect option.

Whether you opt for a timeless slip dress or a more casual wrap dress, staple items like these can easily be dressed up or dressed down. From oversized cardigans and structured blazers to basic flats and elegant pumps, the right dress can be worn to any type of Thanksgiving celebration.

If the weather gets chillier, you can always layer this outfit with a pair of tights and a statement autumn coat, for that classy, put-together look.

Choose a Pleated Midi Skirt

A modern closet staple and an all-time blogger favorite, pleated midi skirts are always a good option. Easily paired with anything from silk camisoles and elegant blouses to thin jumpers and chunky knits, midi skirts are ideal for achieving that elegant and refined yet fashion-forward style.

Whether you choose to pair it with some high heels for a more formal occasion, or ankle or knee-high boots for a toned-down look, a pleated skirt will always make you look more chic – and it’s bound to leave a good impression on your partner’s loved ones.

Play It Safe with Wide Trousers

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When you’re not sure how formal the occasion is or you simply can’t decide what to wear, wide high-waisted trousers that you can find in stores like Zara and H&M are a great idea. They fit right in the middle of relaxed and elegant.

From camis and basic tees to classic button-downs and thin knits, these trousers pair well with almost any top you have in your closet, especially when it’s tucked in neatly. Even though wide trousers can even look great with a pair of basic white or black trainers, you might want to opt for shoes with smaller heels, just to be on the safe side.

Finish the look off with a statement jewelry piece and a neutral clutch. Your partner’s parents will undoubtedly appreciate your sense of style.

Go Bold with an Elegant Jumpsuit

If you know your partner’s family is hosting a more formal affair, why not use that opportunity to express your personal style? Instead of a classic A-line dress, be a bit more daring and opt for an elegant jumpsuit paired with a fitted blazer and neutral heels.

Accessorize the outfit with a statement clutch and a few stacked dainty jewelry pieces, for the ultimate modern, sleek and refined look.

Although it may be unconventional, an outfit like this is highly fashionable and still appropriate for a Thanksgiving celebration – and there’s no doubt it will leave your partner’s loved ones thinking highly of you.

In Conclusion

As long as you are familiar with the occasion and environment you’re going to be in, nailing the perfect outfit isn’t as difficult as it might seem at first.

With these incredible outfit tips and ideas, making a lasting impression of you on your significant other’s family will be a piece of cake.

Peter is a lifestyle and food writer at Joyful Source magazine. Follow Peter on Twitter for more tips!

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