a burgundy zine

Year: 2019

Luna’s Love for Sewing

Keeping in line with the theme for the second issue of The Burgundy Zine, passion, Luna details her love for textiles, embroidery, and sewing.

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Navigating the Industry as a Science Journalist with Joss Fong

Joss Fong, a senior producer and one of the founding members of Vox’s video production team, made a name for herself as a science journalist through the company’s YouTube channel.

Fong and I recently spoke over the phone in regards to her experiences as a journalist, topics she plans on covering before this decade draws to a close, as well as Vox’s Netflix series that premiered last May.

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Alex Norcia and the Ever Changing Field of Journalism

Making headlines last summer with articles such as “Can the Pope Go to Jail?” Alex Norcia, a staff writer for VICE with a niche for religion, is no stranger to covering politics or off-beat culture, either.

VICE is one of the many media outlets following the trend of layoffs, recently letting go about 250 people, according to CNN. Although Norcia wasn’t directly impacted, we recently discussed the ever changing field of journalism and his experience as a journalist via telephone.

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What in the World Wednesdays #8: WEE-WOO! WEE-WOO! WEE-WOO!

It’s official. President Donald Trump has declared a national emergency. Meanwhile, Bernie Sanders announced that he is running in the 2020 United States Presidential Election, the Australian government has been facing cyber attacks throughout the month, and the hostless 91st annual Oscars will air this Sunday.

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Tune-In Tuesdays #7: Lessons Learned with Zack Brooks

Zack Brooks is the California-based musician who doesn’t confine his work to just one genre.

On Monday, I had the pleasure of speaking with Brooks over the phone in regards to his experience as a musician and some of the lessons learned through working in the industry over the years.

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The History of Presidents’ Day

Presidents’ Day is a national holiday that has been federally observed on the third Monday in Feb by the United States since 1885. Schools and financial institutions across the country close their doors in honor of those who have served as the face of our nation.

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How to Write Engaging Content

Whether you’re a journalist or a creative writer, a die-hard film junkie or a scientist, blogging is one of the most effective ways to get your voice out and into the World Wide Web.

It’s one thing to blog, but writing posts that actually engage readers is taking on a whole other beast. You could promote the everloving hell out of your content, but if readers can’t understand or identify with your sentiment, all of your hard work suddenly becomes preaching to deaf ears.

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Weekly Newsletter #7: Love is in the Air

Love was in the air the week of Valentine’s Day. We started this week by comparing the works of Sylvia Plath and Emily Dickinson, tuned into Sweet Moon by Sundarta on Tuesday, ideas, took a look at what in the world was going on this Wednesday, recounted the night I met my partner, and wrapped things up with an analysis of love from a neurological perspective.

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