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How to Write Engaging Content

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By: burgundy bug

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Whether you’re a journalist or a creative writer, a die-hard film junkie or a scientist, blogging is one of the most effective ways to get your voice out and into the World Wide Web.

It’s one thing to blog, but writing posts that actually engage readers is taking on a whole other beast. You could promote the everloving hell out of your content, but if readers can’t understand or identify with your sentiment, all of your hard work suddenly becomes preaching to deaf ears.

What is Engaging Content?

Engaging content is relevant to the reader. Sure, you may have an audience that await every single post with baited breath, clinging to every word of yours. However, most readers will stick to reading posts they feel will add value to their life. Whether they’re seeking a tutorial, advice, an opinion, or the cold hard truth, there is always a motive fueling their curiosity.

As a blogger, it is your job to capitalize on that motive and keep them reading – better yet, keep them engaged.

Who Cares About Engaging Readers!? It’s my Blog!

Sure, while it’s your blog and you’re free to write whatever helps you sleep at night, engaging readers builds your audience. It also increases the likelihood that someone who stops by your webpage will take a stroll through your feed and read a few more posts.

Striving to create engaging content also adds another level of meaning to your writing. It challenges you to really put your heart and intellect into your work, which ultimately sharpens your skills as a writer.

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