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Falling Stars and Front Liners

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By: burgundy bug

Shooting stars rain down from outer space

Source: Adobe Stock

Rip my heart out and ask me how it’s still beating,
Rip me in half and ask me how I’m still breathing,
You wouldn’t.

My arms aren’t wide enough to catch falling stars, they were only ever made to hold you,
So how am I to let you go and risk yourself, too,

Vacant, dormant, I lie in silence and picture you behind my eyelids,
If I hold my breath for long enough I can almost still feel yours on my chest,

In-and-out, the gentle breeze upon my breasts,
Without you here, I can hardly rest,

Our eyes were only ever made to gaze upon waterfalls, not become them,
Now rivers, they stem,

“Please stay,” is all I can say,
“Don’t go, I need to keep you safe,”

But you have always been my beautiful butterfly,
My blue-eyed gemini,

I know it’s time for you to spread your wings,
In all of their glory and vibrance, even if it stings,

And so we sing to fill the miles that now stand between us,
‘Cause that’s all it is – a few miles, but why’s it have to be so tough?

I can feel your love, but I still crave your touch,
I can feel your lust, but this separation remains unjust,

Adjust, I know it’s just a process, we’ll grow,

“We’ll be okay. You’ll be okay. I’ll be okay.”
“Okay,” the words linger through the day,

“We’re a team, we’ve made it through worse,”
I don’t doubt that we can traverse,

A million movies marathon through my mind, yet I come up terse,
There’s nothing I could’ve done to rehearse,

Reverse over my heart and leave it pressed against fresh pavement,
There’s no statement for this pain it’s–

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A cynical optimist and mad scientist undercover, burgundy bug is the editor, graphic designer, webmaster, social media manager, and primary photographer for The Burgundy Zine. Entangled in a web of curiosity, burgundy bug’s work embodies a wide variety of topics including: neuroscience, psychology, ecology, biology, cannabis, reviews, fashion, entertainment, and politics. You can learn more about working with burgundy bug by visiting her portfolio website: burgundybug.com

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