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It Might Rain Today by Liliana E. Guzmán

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By: Liliana E. Guzmán

Two maple leaves glued to the window on the reverse side during the rainy autumn weather

Source: Adobe Stock

Poet Liliana E. Guzmán revels in the beauty of autumn through her seasonal poem.

The early falling sun challenges setting leaves to race,
with winds now a sticky breeze, it gives the trees a shakedown
Leaves pulled away dead greens washed up and misplaced
— a walkway of messy streets and loosely covered grounds

Foreseeing how bold this future winter will be,
having the full picture painted without it having begun
Rejoicing at the thought of a true season that’ll reach the sea,
waiting for the harvest moon and hoping we’re not mistaken

Branches blanketing all that’s beneath, around, and within,
hugging autumn’s hues during their inevitable demise
Soon the twilight will melt away, shedding nostalgic skin,
with the aching of lightning that has never felt this alive

Sidewalks patterned with sifted through leaves,
gathered at the edge of someone’s lawn, it feels so sincere
Summer evenings remembered in those who still grieve
Pay no mind to whispers that try to hush your early cheer,
for the winds will speak with you cos’ it’s that time of the year…

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