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Chlorophyll Breaks Down

i change with the hues of the leaves,
ease into each new identity with a breeze,
waiting for the me that feels pleased,
appeased by shifts in pace,
eager the learn the curve of each new face,
universal ghosting’s my only saving grace,
i’d always felt so out of place,

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The Abyss

sitting along the precipice,
my feet dangle and i lock eyes with the abyss,
my stomach tangles,
my thoughts are scrambled,

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Summer Storms

a perfect summer storm rolled in
just on the cusp of spring,
at the sight of rain, my eyes widened,
my pupils dilated,

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BOOKS by Priti

Poet Priti reflects on the importance of books in a poem.

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Happy Birthday My Love 2020

(Queue intercom voice) AHEM. We’re here to interrupt your regularly scheduled Burgundy Zine content with a very special, incredibly important public service announcement:


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