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Visions and Perceptions by Saumya

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By: Saumya

“Visions and Perceptions” painting by Saumya

Source: Saumya

Artist Saumya inspires us with her beautiful painting and poetry.

Yet the vision is clear
What I perceive is near…
Thinking through a ride back in time
What made me so subtle, wise, and benign.
Some dreams were visioned back then,
Doubts too came up with sadness.
Each step was a thread woven in time,
Into a beautiful fabric with intricate design.
And now the vision is clear,
As what I perceived, to me was dear.

Those rainy nights with thunderous sounds,
The drizzling patter all around
Looking up at the starless sky,
Didn’t make me feel any less obliged
The opposite really, if you ask
Cause the moon still shone among the stars, even with all of its scars! 
My vision still took me above the clouds
Where my perception was unhindered and without a doubt.

I stand on the present clock of time
Still, a long way to go before the future strives
Hoping for eternal bliss,
Let me reveal to you what my vision is
I dream not of a degree or doctorate,
But I hope I’m provided happiness by fate.
Soon the seriousness of life will take its toll
You’ll forget the small things that make you whole
So, as a reminder today I pen this down
A kind and content person is always renowned
When you find yourself being led astray,
I hope this is what your heart will say…
“I know my vision is clear,
As What I perceived is right here.”

“Visions and Perceptions” painting on a canvas stand

Source: Saumya

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