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Category: July 2020

Lush Cup O’Coffee Review

Refreshing, revitalizing, and exfoliating, Lush’s Cup O’Coffee face and body mask is the wake-up call your skin has been begging for.

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Sing For You ‘Till Sunrise

soft as a lullaby, sweet as lamb,
your moonlight caresses my skin,
and i sing for you ’till sunrise, i hope you hear it,
i want you to dream of me, let my voice be your blanket,
i sing for you ’till sunrise, as your love engulfs horizons,
i long for the mornings that you let me in,
to your arms as i crawled back to bed for the day,
i miss waking up next to you every day, it weighs,
deep on my chest,
where your head used to rest,
i feel best in your arms,
so i’ll keep the space in the bed warm,

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Review: Pink Clover Magazine

Pink Clover Press has hit the ground running with the first edition of their magazine! Each page is brimming with such vibrant, educational, and interactive artwork.

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Tune-In Tuesdays #80 BONUS: Something For Me by The Ones You Forgot

New Jersey-based pop-rock band The Ones You Forgot will breathe life into your headphones with their latest single, “Something For Me.”

With a signature summer vibe and delightful dash of angst, “Something For Me” is a release you surely won’t be able to forget.

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Tune-In Tuesdays #80: Waiting For Smith on “Lines of Love” and Having “Yoga For Breakfast”

London-based singer-songwriter Harry Lloyd — more commonly known as Waiting For Smith — is here to help listeners see the light amidst even the most trying times.

Following the release of Waiting For Smith’s radiant single “Lines of Love,” we spoke to Lloyd via telephone to learn the track.

In the process, we ended up bonding over our shared experiences with health difficulties. We also shared a few laughs during our grounding, casual conversation.

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The Abyss

sitting along the precipice,
my feet dangle and i lock eyes with the abyss,
my stomach tangles,
my thoughts are scrambled,

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