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High on Sex by Chic Sex Shop

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By: Chic Sex Shop

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Source: High on Sex | Chic Sex Shop

Experts at Chic Sex Shop explore how cannabis enhances your sex life.

The air’s warm and thick with a signature, skunky fog. You’re blasting classic-rock hits that your parents grew up listening to. Your pupils dilate and suddenly your greasy best friend becomes a Calvin Klein model through your ganja-goggles.

Although some may believe cannabis’ calming properties can lead to sexual performance issues, there’s evidence to prove otherwise. A little sativa may be exactly what you need to sweeten your sex life.

Cannabinoids and terpenes can reduce anxietyinflammatory pain, and improve sleep – all of which, are health hurdles that inhibit your sex drive.

Anxiety and Sex

It’s hard to focus on your lover when your mind is ruminating on other matters. Overthinking can lead to a panic attack, it can decrease your sex drive, and make you feel “guilty” for being distracted during sex.

First, you should never feel guilty for your thoughts and emotions. Nor should you ever feel obligated to fulfill someone else’s sexual desires if you’re not 100 percent there physically or mentally.

You are not dick, pussy, or ass on demand – after all, that’s what porn is for, right?

Second, sexual dysfunction is very common among those who have anxiety. Anxiety can cause difficulty orgasming, increase sexual pain sensitivity, and reduce your libido, says a 2018 Women’s Health review.

What you’re experiencing is normal. In order to fully enjoy sex, you’ll need to reduce your anxiety first.

That’s where our little friend Mary Jane comes in. No, she’s not the other woman in your relationship. She’s your wing woman, giving you the pep-talk you need before you unsheathe beneath the sheets.

Chronic Pain and Sex

Chronic pain is one of the most common health complaints among adults and affects approximately 21 percent of Americans, according to the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control.

In addition to costing America $560 billion annually in “medical costs, lost productivity, and disability programs,” chronic pain is a major sexual deterrent.

Chronic pain can cause sexual difficulty in 50 to 78 percent of patients, says a 2008 Pain Research and Management study. And it makes sense – if your joints hurt, you won’t be able to move around as fluidly in bed. If your hips hurt, you probably won’t think to yourself, “Man, I want to get fucking rammed.” No. You’ll want to rest with a heating pad until it passes!

Adding insult to injury, about 200 million women worldwide suffer from a condition called “endometritis,” according to the Endometritis Foundation of America. This happens when cells from the uterus begin growing outside of the uterus.

Endometritis is a very painful condition that doubles the risk for experiencing sexual dysfunction, says a 2018 Gynecological Endocrinology study.

Chronic pain also affects men and women differently. In a 2017 Public Library of Science study of 1371 participants, women were reportedly more active, more accepting of their pain, and had more social support.

Whereas men reported feeling more anxious about being active due to their pain, mood disturbances, and lower activity levels.

In any case, it’s important to have open communication with your partner. Don’t mask your symptoms. Instead, work together to reduce them.

Again, this another opportunity to invite wing woman miss Mary Jane to join the conversation. Cannabis topical creams can reduce inflammation and pain, making for a much more enjoyable rendezvous.

Vaginal cannabis suppositories can also provide immense relief to pelvic cramping in women. Taking the suppository early in the day in preparation of a long night of lovin’ could significantly reduce sexual pain in women.

Alternatively, you could opt for a CBD lubricant to decrease pain upon penetration.

Cannabis and Sex Drive

Contrary to popular belief and couch-potato imagery, cannabis can actually increase your libido and sexual satisfaction.

In a 2019 Sexual Medicine study, researchers observed an increase in sex drive. The women also reported having more rewarding orgasms and less pain upon penetration.

A 2019 survey in the Journal of Sex Medicine also found a positive link between cannabis and sexual enhancement in men and women:

  • 52.3 percent said they use cannabis to alter their sexual experience
  • 38.7 percent said sex was better after cannabis use
  • 24.5 percent said sex was better sometimes after cannabis use
  • 16 percent said sex was better in some ways but worse in others after cannabis use
  • 4.7 percent said sex was worse after cannabis use

In addition to the overwhelming majority reporting that cannabis positively enhanced their sexual experiences, the survey results also reported:

  • 74.3 percent said cannabis increased their sensitivity to touch
  • 73.8 percent said cannabis increased their sexual satisfaction
  • 69.8 percent said cannabis helped them relax during sex
  • 65.7 percent said cannabis increased the intensity of their orgasm
  • 58.9 percent said cannabis increased their desire for sex
  • 50.5 percent said cannabis allowed them to focus more during sex

In Conclusion

Cannabis can minimize symptoms of chronic health conditions that harm your sexual satisfaction. Additional research shows cannabis can positively intensify sex, as well.

So lay back with your lover and toke up (where it’s legal). Keep the joints rollin’ to keep the lovers goin’.

Head on over to Chic Sex Shop to expand your lover’s pleasure chest!
Visit their blog for more sexual wellness advice and be sure to follow them on Instagram, as well.

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