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Sing For You ‘Till Sunrise

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By: burgundy bug

Sundown above sea horizon at sunset

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soft as a lullaby, sweet as lamb, 
your moonlight caresses my skin, 
and i sing for you ’till sunrise, i hope you hear it, 
i want you to dream of me, let my voice be your blanket, 
i sing for you ’till sunrise, as your love engulfs horizons, 
i long for the mornings that you let me in, 
to your arms as i crawled back to bed for the day, 
i miss waking up next to you every day, it weighs, 
deep on my chest, 
where your head used to rest, 
i feel best in your arms, 
so i’ll keep the space in the bed warm, 

for you, it’s all for you,
i adore everything that you do,

i trace crimson circles on my calendar,
pining for your days off like a kid counting down ’till its summer,
during these coveted weekends,
my unrest makes its amends,
and i sing for you ’till sunrise,
waiting to catch just a glimpse of your eyes,
your fingers trailing across my skin,
loops over and over again,
whenever i’m in my own head,
i long to feel your form,
but for now i’ll keep the space in the bed warm,

for you, it’s all for you,
i adore everything that you do,

i want to sing for you ’till sunrise, 
i dread our goodbyes, 
likewise, if i could go back in time, 
i’d tell myself to kiss you just a little longer each time, 
scold myself over any moments taken for granted, 
but i look forward to where we’re headed, 
despite the distance, i feel closer than ever, 
can’t help that all i want to do is hold you forever, 
keep you safe within my embrace, 
gracefully tracing the silhouette of your face, 
i need you here, 
my feelings radiate deep within my core, 
and for now i’ll keep space in the bed warm, 

for you, it’s all for you,
i adore everything that you do,

listen as i sing for you till sunrise,
i hope you can hear it, despite the long car ride,
that stands between us,
but miles mean nothing to lovers,
i love you now more than ever,
my sweet moon,
my darling sunshine.
i sing,

for you, it’s all for you,
i adore everything that you do.

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