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Wretched Yet No Regret by Mahik’s

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By: Mahik’s

Walking in a bright yellow raincoat through a forest that’s shrouded in fog

Source: Pexels

Poet Mahik’s shares her deep, emotive, heartfelt poem, “Wretched Yet No Regret.”

A lonesome horror to live in
“Crap” soup to eat
Spooky stuff to play with
and no soul to speak

far from town
not a single bird chirps
Paths on roads
Have cracks and jerks

Blinks the light
And dooms the sun
Curse-like plight
And there’s nothing I have done

No way out
I’m stuck in such a dream
Where fairy tales too
End in screams

Once, my sorrow
Struck my mind
And then I
Began to write

A spooky spunky poem
Written in atrocious tears
And as you read the tone
All seems so queer

But if it never would’ve betided
I won’t have this legend
For me to write and you to read
The dirt of this gem!

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Living in Moradabad, a city of North India famous for its handicraft industries and export of handicraft items all over the world, Mahika Bansal is a teen poet with enormous dreams just like all other growing buds of her age. As an artist, Mahika tries to compose poetry that speaks about the beauty of the world as well as the dark side of life. She is a creator of ideas, floating in the sparkling sea of imagination.

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