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Poems to Inspire Positivity Amidst the Coronavirus Pandemic by Priti

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By: Priti

A young woman holds a face mask by her side

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Poet Priti inspires us to stay positive during the coronavirus pandemic through her poetry.

This Too Shall Pass

Sometimes, the world needs a crisis to deliberate,
And act on changes that matter,
In answer to it, let’s recalibrate,
Our goal plans and emerge stronger,
Today, humanity is being challenged,
As never before in history,
How we interpret, react gonna determine,
How to overcome this typical mystery,

It’s the positivity in this crisis,
That we need to cultivate right now,
Work towards what is really going to sustain us,
To overcome this pandemic anyhow,
Millions of people are suffering,
Thousands have recovered too,
But those fighting valiantly,
There is a need for overall view,

Medical team entirely dedicated,
Social workers are too helping around,
Outcomes are still awaited,
That’s why we are being requested to maintain lockdown,
A salute to the Corona Warriors who have won,
Leaving all their fears behind,
My hearty tribute to everyone,
Engaged in serving mankind!

Acrostic on “Corona”

Care for
Our country, city, and town,
Remain at home,
Obey the lockdown,
Not to let virus in,
Admire the helpers around.

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