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Weekly Newsletter #75: Speechless

“What should I write for this week’s intro? Nothing feels appropriate right now.”

“‘Fuck.’ Just write ‘fuck.'”

And with that, let’s jump into our weekly recap.

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Weekly Newsletter #74: Launches Galore

Needless to say, this has been a pretty big week for our community, with the launch of our Kickstarter, welcoming a new member aboard our team, and the final countdown before the release of “The Burgundy Zine #15: Go Green.”

But this isn’t the hype train’s final stop – far from it, in fact. We have a plethora of exciting content lined up for the week ahead. Not to mention, Thursday is the debut of the second bi-monthly issue of our digital magazine.

Before we get too ahead of ourselves, let’s dive into everything that has bloomed right before our very eyes over the last seven days.

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Weekly Newsletter #72: Happy Mother’s Day

Pull out your notepad and pen or whip out your smartphone and get dialing, it’s time to show the one who brought you into this world a little love.

After all, she did let you live in her uterus for nine months. A letter or a phone call is the least you can do for her.

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Weekly Newsletter #71: Kicking Off a New Journey

For those who might’ve missed our announcement on Thursday, The Burgundy Zine is launching a Kickstarter this month to fund our upcoming merch store!

We’re so excited to KICK off this next part of our journey and feel honored to take these first steps with you.

Before we get too sentimental, let’s jump into our weekly recap.

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Weekly Newsletter #70: Every Day is Earth Day

Earlier this week, individuals around the globe came together virtually to pay homage to our planet in celebration of Earth Day.

While this worldwide celebration is an effective way to raise awareness and encourage more environmentally-friendly lifestyle choices, we’d like to remind you that these choices must live on throughout the year in order to make a positive impact.

The power to save the planet is in mankind’s hands – don’t let it slip through our fingers.

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Weekly Newsletter #69: Why We Ever

“Open your mouth, say something warm. I’ve spent a while on the strangest side of your door.”

If you haven’t heard the second part of Hayley Williams’ “Petals For Armor” EP, do both of us a favor and listen to it right now… Wow.

Anyways, let’s get into our weekly recap!

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Weekly Newsletter #67: Let’s Go Green

Whew! Following the release of “The Burgundy Zine #14: Healing,” we’ve jumped right into the topic for our next issue – “Go Green.”

We’re excited to begin our two-month celebration of mother Earth and encourage you to join our embrace of the big blue marble we inhabit.

Now, let’s jump into our recap of this week.

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Weekly Newsletter #65: New Horizons

Hello Animal Crossing, goodbye productivity. Who needs to complete a zine or finish their college applications when they have villagers to tend to?

Am I right? …Right? Ah…ha ha… ha ha… haaa…

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Weekly Newsletter #63: Caffeine Fiends

All the caffeine in the world won’t make our schedules any more legible.

Fun fact: Daylight savings began as we were writing this article and for a split second we thought we had gulped down enough tea to make the entire hour fly by.

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