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Weekly Newsletter #69: Why We Ever

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By: burgundy bug

Abundant white flowers in bloom

Source: Flowers 27 | Penelope Peru Photography

“Open your mouth, say something warm. I’ve spent a while on the strangest side of your door.”

If you haven’t heard the second part of Hayley Williams‘ “Petals For Armor” EP, do both of us a favor and listen to it right now… Wow.

Anyways, let’s get into our weekly recap!

Weekly Recap

We kicked off this week by tuning into an interview with singer-songwriter and producer Lada Beseda, who shared her touching story and gave us insight into her work as a musician.

Then, we encouraged you to be loud with us and tune in to our emo playlist on Spotify – or give our “Songs of the Month – April” playlist a listen if you’re those looking for emotive indie music.

On Wednesday, we directed our artist spotlight to illustrator and animator Alivia Horsley.

Afterward, we discussed the long-term personality impacts and potential creative enhancements a psychedelic session can offer, according to researchers.

On Thursday, we explored how animals perceive time. Then, we directed our artist spotlight to freelance illustrator Monette Wan.

On Friday, experts from Cable Compare taught us the complete history of cable TV and how it grew into the industry we know it as today.

On Saturday, we discussed why individuals decide to take at-home DNA tests and the positive lifestyle choices they were inspired to make based on their DNA health results.

Last, but most certainly far from least, we directed our artist spotlight towards Brooklyn-based art therapist Jessie Novik as she brightened our day with speed art footage of a crane mural she painted on her door.

Going Forward

Going forward, we’re going to continue releasing content centered around our “Go Green” theme.

We’re also working on a semi-secret project that requires… a lot of art from yours truly, burgundy bug, so keep an eye out! 😉

In the meantime, we’d like to wish everyone a Happy Orthodox Easter and an early Happy 4/20. We also encourage you to visit the “PHL COVID-19 Fund” to learn more about how you can help communities throughout the Philadelphia area.

Until next week,
burgundy bug >:^)

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